Many of the items in the game are able to be enchanted and the Shovels in Minecraft are one of them.

Enchantments are one of the biggest parts of Minecraft from mid-to-late as it assists players a lot with various power-ups. These items are magical in nature, ranging from giving simple damages to granting special effects like invisibility or the skill of walking of water.

Many items in Minecraft can be enchanted to get more power and help players to dominate their world. Shovels are one of them and here are the best enchantments for shovels in Minecraft you will want to use.

Shovel Enchantment
Take a look at the top 5 best Minecraft enchantments for shovels you may need to use.


Mending is not just among the best enchantments for shovels but also for the overall Minecraft tools. It might be simple but the power it holds cannot be underappreciated.

Mending consumes the EXP you get from defeating mobs, breaking, and smelting blocks. This feature will then turn into durability and help mend the items that is having low durability.

Shovels will be affected after doing the breaking like any other tools, so Mending will come in good use.

In case you don't know, mending is also among the best crossbow enchantments Minecraft.

Silk Touch

Silk Touch appears in almost every list of highly-appreciated enchantments, proving its rank among the player community. This situational enchantment can be used to get the blocks that cannot be mined in normal ways. For example, Grass blocks are among those unobtainable materials that can only be collected with Silk Touch and used for various purposes.

Although it is quite hard to get silk touch in Enchanting Table, players should not overlook it considering the benefits it can bring about.

Silk Touch Shovel
Silk Touch will help players get the blocks without changing their nature.


Gathering materials and creating materials will be more efficient with the help of Fortune. The enchantment can make the mined block drop more from the same block.

If a normal block usually drops one item, but you can get 3-4 blocks using this enchantment. Besides, it can enhance the drop chance for rare materials like Flint from Gravel.

Unbreaking and Fortune are the best Enchantments for Shovels.


Despite being basic, the Unbreaking is among the most useful Minecraft enchantments. It will decrease the chance of a weapon suffering from durability loss and this increases as the enchantment level hikes.

There are three tiers of the Unbreaking: I, II, and III. This enchantment is great for preserving the in-game Shovels for a long period of time. For the unknown, it is also one of the top 7 best enchantments for axe in Minecraft.


The last but not least enchantment to use on Shovel is Efficiency. It is a time-consuming process to break things in the game and this spell is here to combat that.

Players can help your item break blocks faster, hence saving a lot of time for you in your world.

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