The Christmas Holiday is coming soon. Have you decorated your house and homeland with snowmen? Check out this guide on how to make a happy snowman in Minecraft. You can even craft a snowman without pumpkin in the game.

I. How To Make A Happy Snowman In Minecraft

Minecraft is an amazing sandbox game that lets you create and build many structures and decorations, including the snowman. You will have a good chance to show off your creativity to make amazing items, including the happy snowman to decorate your house. Follow these steps to make a snowman in Minecraft.

Snowman In Minecraft
Learn to make a happy snowman in Minecraft here.

#1. Collect Materials

You need to collect enough materials for a snowman first. There are only two required materials for the snowman in Minecraft, including:

  • 2 snow blocks;
  • A pumpkin.

To have a snow block, Minecraft players need to collect four snowballs by using a silk touch tool to break the snow. It can only be found in the snow biome in Minecraft. Players can also use a shovel to break the top layer of the snow and pick up snowballs.

Besides, you can collect the pumpkin in many biomes in Minecraft, including the snow biome. So, you can collect enough materials for your snowman in the snow biome. In addition, the game also allows players to grow this vegetable on their farms. So, you should pick up some pumpkins in the wild and grow them in your garden.

Basically, you should find a snow biome in Minecraft to collect both materials, snow blocks and pumpkins for your snowman.

Materials For Snowmen
You need to have a pumpkin and two snow blocks to make a snowman in this game.

#2. Make A Happy Snowman

After having enough materials, you can build a happy snowman with these steps.

  • Place a snow block on the ground.
  • Put the other snow block on the top of the first one to make the body of the snowman.
  • Place the pumpkin on the top of two snow blocks to complete the head.
  • Hold the shear on your hand and approach the snowman.
  • Shear a happy face on the head of the snowman.

To make your snowman look happy, you need to shear a smiling face on the pumpkin. After completion, the snowman will start to move around.

If you don't want to give life to the snowman, you can replace the snow blocks with white wool blocks or white concrete blocks. You can also add two levers to make the arms for your snowman.

Shread The Pumkin
Shear the pumpkin and make a happy face for your snowman.

II. How To Make A Snowman Without Pumpkin In Minecraft

If you don't have pumpkins or don't want to make a snowman with the pumpkin, you can replace it with other materials. For example, many Minecraft players use a block of wool instead of pumpkin to make the head of the snowman. You can shear the wool to make a happy face for your snowman.

Wool is available to collect from sheep. Minecraft players can tame and breed the sheep to get wool. The snowman Minecraft skin is moderately different when you use different materials, such as snow, concrete, and wool.

You Can Use Wood Blocks
You can use wood blocks to make the head of your happy snowmen instead of pumpkin.

III. Facts About Snowman In Minecraft

There are some interesting facts about snowmen in Minecraft. The snowman that can move is also known as a snow golem. Here are some amazing facts about this special golem.

1. What Do Snowmen Eat In Minecraft?

Snowmen eat wheat. That's why you can breed these golem in Minecraft with wheat.

2. How to use snowmen in Minecraft?

Snowmen or snow golems in Minecraft do not have many practical uses. Here are some common uses of snowmen in this game:

  • Decoration: These snowmen make your house and farm look nice, especially in the winter and the Christmas holiday.
  • Protection: Snow golems will attack neutral or hostile mobs around them and near your land.
  • Combat: Snowmen are very useful for blaze enemies but they are very weak. Their snowballs do not deal much damage. Moreover, snow golems are vulnerable to fireballs.
  • Source of snow: These snowmen can be used as unlimited sources of snow on your farm. You can go after them to collect snowballs when they walk. Then, you can craft more snow blocks to build houses or more snow golems.
Make A Snowman
Build a big snowman to make your world look nice.

3. How to save snowmen from melting?

You can save snowmen from melting by applying Fire Resistance to them.

Those are all you need to know about how to make a happy snowman in Minecraft as well as some uses of snow golems. Start to collect snow blocks and pumpkins to decorate your farm with a mob of snowmen and celebrate Christmas now.

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