Minecraft is an amazing game, a world of blocks that represent different materials. You can do anything and make anything in this world that seems to have no boundary at all.

Even though you are a veteran Minecraft player who has traveled across the End and the Nether multiple times, you probably haven't seen the boundary of Minecraft yet. It is nothing to be shame about actually because the Minecraft world is bigger than you can imagine.

In this article, we will find out the answer to the question of how big the Minecraft world is.

How Big Is Minecraft World
Not many players have actually seen the border of Minecraft world.

1. How big is a Minecraft block in real life?

First, to determine how big is Minecraft World, we need to know the size of a Minecraft block in real life.

According to Gamepedia, Minecraft's worlds are a voxel grid where each block is 1 cubic meter. That also means the height of a player in Minecraft is 1,8 meters. A thousand blocks in length in Minecraft is 1 kilometer.

2. How big is Minecraft world?

This is a question that many curious minds in Minecraft have been wondering. No matter how far you travel in the overworld, you can never find the boundary. So how big is the world in Minecraft?

Minecraft Far Lands

First, let's talk about this place called the Far Lands in Minecraft. The world of Minecraft has a distance mysterious place called the Far Lands. The Far Lands is a place where glitches start to happen during the world generation.

Minecraft Farlands
Minecraft Far Lands is the point where the game code starts to break and the world generation will become buggy.

To the Minecraft community, this place is more like a magical place with absurd chaos and treat it like a challenge. For a decade, people think that it is impossible to reach the Far Lands without using any cheat, bug,... However, in June 2020, YouTuber KilloCrazyMan reached the Far Lands legitimately and he documented the whole journey on YouTube.

The Far Lands is at exactly 12,550,824 blocks away from the center of the map. From this point onward, the game will become lagging. Beyond the Far Lands is the farther land and at this point, your game might crash at any moment. Is this the limit of the Minecraft world yet? Not really.

Farther Lands Minecraft
Farther Lands in Minecraft has a weird world generation due to bugs.

How big is Minecraft world?

As of Minecraft 1.18, the height limit is 319 and the lower limit is now -64. The Minecraft world has a square shape with 64 million blocks width and length with the default world border. That means Minecraft map size in km is 4,096 billion square kilometers. Is this as far as we can go? Well, yes, but no. That is just the default limit.

YouTuber AntVenom has made a video where he uses Cheat Engine to explore how wide Minecraft can be.

You can still go higher and farther away if you remove this border in the game's code. You can manually go to 2 to the 52nd power blocks up and down.

As for how wide it is, we are going to need to explore it a little bit.

  • After 268 million blocks, the world reached its rendering limit and the game start flickering.
  • After 25.7 billion blocks, the cloud stop rendering. You will only see the sun, moon, sky, and void.
How Big Is Minecraft World 1
At one point, the game won't be able to render anything anymore.
  • After 34.359 billion blocks the X-axis in the game starts to show "Infinity" and you can still go further.
  • You can still go further up to the limit of a 64-bit computer, which is 9 quintillion (19 digits).

You can check out the video of AntVenom below if you would like to know how to use Cheat Engine to discover how large the Minecraft world is. Also, you are going to need to learn how to teleport in Minecraft to reach there.

3. How big is Minecraft world compared to earth?

The Earth’s surface is roughly about 510 million square kilometers. So Minecraft world is almost 8 times larger than Earth and it is almost the same size as Neptune.

Some players even attempt to build a 1:1 scale model of the Earth in Minecraft.

How Big Is Minecraft World Compared To Earth
The size of the Minecraft world compares to planets in the Solar System.

So just by default, Minecraft world is already pretty huge. But when you unlock the game to reach the 34 billion blocks limit, the size of Minecraft world is about 50 times larger than the Sun.

Minecraft World Vs The Sun
Minecraft world can be 50 times larger than the sun when you remove its limit.

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