Minecraft is the game where you pay lots of effort into creating your own home and functioning world. However, something can get into your way sometimes like a swamp where you want to build a certain base.

Do not let any of those obstacles stop you as there’s always a solution. In this guide, we will show the best ways of how to get rid of water in Minecraft.

How To Get Rid Of Water In Minecraftt
Water is a practical element of the game, but nothing is useful when it is in the wrong place.

How to get rid of water in Minecraft

Players can adopt different ways to remove water in Minecraft in various situations. While small bodies of water are quite easy to clear up, the bigger ones may take more time to get rid of.

1. Replace water source

Water in Minecraft always starts in different directions from a water source block. You can spot this source block of water seamlessly. To stop it from spreading and filling the place, use a solid block and replace the water source by putting the block on it.

Water From A Source
Water flows in various directions from only a source.

2. Use a sponge

Those who want to know how to remove water from Ocean Monument can use the sponge as their rescue. A sponge block can only generate in sponge rooms of ocean monuments or you can defeat an Elder Guardian to get it.

Put walls in between to split up the water into small sections, then put a sponge in the center of each section. You can also place it on the wall, but the effectiveness to remove water will be humbler.

how to remove water from ocean monument
Sponges will absorb the water if you know how to place them properly.

A sponge can absorb water within a 7-block radius from itself and turn into a wet sponge. Smelting a wet one in a furnace can make it dry again.

3. Use an empty bucket

Players can craft a bucket by placing three iron ingots in a V shape on their crafting table. To get rid of water in Minecraft with an empty bucket, you need to spot the water source and right-click on it while also holding the bucket with your hand.

Minecraft water buckets can come in extremely handy if you can use all of their potentials.

how to get rid of water in minecraft
Empty buckets are also useful if you aspire to know how to get rid of water in Minecraft without sponges.

4. Use sand or gravel

Another alternate method you can use to get rid of water involves using sand or gravel to speed the filling up and removing part of the procedure.

  • Get access to the zone you want to clear so you are able to stand above and water surface and fill it with gravel. Every time you place a block on the surface, it will sink until that column gets full.
  • Repeat this step for every block with water you aspire to remove. The only work that’s left is to remove the columns currently standing in place of the water.
  • Dig down into one of the water body’s corners so you will have two visible solid blocks under the lowest gravel block.
  • Break the bottom of one of these and replace it with a torch.
  • To clear the sand or gravel, get rid of the remaining solid block and let the other fall on the torch. Players need to repeat this process for each block that was pre-occupied by the water.
Sand and gravel start falling if the block under them is removed, so you can use this feature to remove waterlogged in a deep area.

You can use this method as a way of how to get rid of water in Minecraft underwater as gravel and sand are affected by gravity.

5. Use flammable materials

The fire method is arguably the most instant way to remove water in Minecraft.

Fill the area of water that you want with wool, wood, or leaves. When the area is full of materials, use steel and flint to set the fire on. This way will remove the material as well as the original water without leaving any trace.

6. Use lava

If you prefer to use a method regarding how to get rid of water in Minecraft without sponges, use lava.

When lava touches a block of water, it will make it become stone. In case lave comes in contact with a water source, that source of water will turn into obsidian.

Although this strategy may not sound practical, it can be helpful for those who want to get rid of water and also mine some stone.

How to remove water on all Minecraft versions

Using Minecraft remove water command will be an effective method that works on every version of the game.

You can use the '/fill' command to remove the water. This is a beneficial command which helps players replace blocks or fill up the area with whichever block they want.

The Minecraft remove water command for all versions of Minecraft goes as below:

  • Java Edition (PC/Mac) 1.13, 1.14, 1.15, 1.16 and 1.17: /fill air replace water
  • Java Edition (PC/Mac) 1.11 and 1.12: /fill air 0 replace water
Get Rid Of Water Command
How to get rid of water in Minecraft underwater? Make use of commands!

Two sets of coordinates (X, Y, Z) need to be used to remove the water. The first coordinate has to be a corner of the area from which water needs to be removed. Afterward, you have to reach the diagonally opposite corner and note down the coordinates.

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