Emerald has been one of the rarest ore to find in Minecraft. Players can only find them in extreme hills biomes or in ore veins. But since the 1.18 update in Minecraft, it has been easier to find Emeralds. They are still rare but they are much more common now. In this article, we will show you the best ways to get Emeralds in Minecraft 1.18 version.

How to get Emeralds in Minecraft in 1.18 version

Before the 1.18 update, the extreme hills biome is the only biome where you can find Emeralds. But now, the update added 3 new mountainous biomes to the game, Stony Peaks, Jagged Peaks, Frozen Peaks. Players can find Emeralds in all these new biomes and they are not that hard to find. Just pick up your axe and start digging.

Get Emeralds In Minecraft
You find Emeralds in mountainous biomes in Minecraft.

These ores are also available in structures that are rich in emeralds such as Desert Temple, Jungle Temple, and in loot chest, treasures in Villages. There are a lot of loot pools that include Emeralds, but it is rare to find one in these loot pools.

Players can trade with Villager for Emeralds and this is still the best way to get Emeralds in Minecraft so far.

What can you do with Emeralds in Minecraft?

Emeralds are mainly used as a currency to trade with villagers and wandering traders for items, weapons, armors. Emeralds are also used to power Beacons to give players nearby a buff. An emerald can be substituted for an iron ingot, a gold ingot, a diamond or a Netherite ingot in a beacon.

You can also use 9 Emeralds to craft 1 Block of Emerald. Block of Emerald is mainly used for decoration.

Trading Emerald
You can trade Emeralds with villagers and wander traders for items, weapons,...

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