Balloons in Minecraft are blocks that float upward when placed. They are only available in Minecraft Educational Edition or Minecraft Bedrock Edition with the Educational Edition option enabled. Just like in real-life, balloons in Minecraft will float away if you don't tie them down to anything. There are a lot of cool interactions you can try with balloons in Minecraft.

However, the real question is how you can make these balloons in the game. Here in this article, we will give you a step-by-step guide on how to make a balloon in Minecraft.

Balloon In Minecraft 1
Learn how to craft colorful balloons in Minecraft.

1. How to make a Balloon in Minecraft

Required ingredients

Balloon Minecraft recipe required a total of 4 ingredients which are:

  • 6 Latex
  • Helium
  • A Lead
  • Colored Dye

Players can create Latex using a compound creator in Minecraft. One Latex will require 5 carbon and 8 hydrogen. You need a total of 6 Latex for one balloon. These elements can be acquired from an element constructor. Just place 5 carbon and 8 hydrogen into the compound creator and a Latex will be created on the right slot.

Helium is an important element to make a balloon. You can get Helium from the element constructor. You can also use the periodic table to know the exact number of protons, electrons, and neutrons required to make Carbon, Hydrogen, and Helium.

Periodic Table Minecraft
Use a Periodic Table to know the exact number of protons, electrons, and neutrons required.

You can craft a lead using 1 slimeball and 4 strings. You can get strings by killing spiders, breaking cobwebs, or searching in chests. As for how to get slimeballs, you can get them by killing slime in the swamp biome. A baby panda can also drop a slimeball when they sneeze.

Slimeballs In Minecraft
Kill slimes in Minecraft to obtain slimeballs.

The last ingredient to make a balloon is a colored dye. A colored dye will add to your balloon a color. You can use bone meal or cocoa beans to give the balloon white and brown colors. Otherwise, players need to make different colored dyes in order to make different colored balloons. There is a total of 16 different colored balloons in Minecraft.

Minecraft Building Dyes
You can make different dyes in Minecraft to give your balloon different colors.

Steps to make a Balloon in Minecraft

If you have gathered all the necessary material, then it's time for crafting. Follow the steps below to make a balloon in Minecraft:

  • Open the crafting table.
  • Put 6 Latex in the right and left column of the crafting table.
  • Helium will be in the middle slot.
  • The Lead will be in the remaining bottom slot and the dye will be on the remaining top slot.
  • Put the balloon into your inventory to finish crafting.
How To Make A Balloon In Minecraft
The balloon recipe in Minecraft requires a total of 4 ingredients.

2. Balloon uses in Minecraft

When you attach a balloon to a mob or block, it will attach to that mob or block. When attached to a fence, the balloon will be grounded. When attached to a mob, the balloon will float away with the mob. At one point, both the balloon and the mob will despawn or disappear. A balloon flies up faster than the flying speed of a player.

Balloon In Minecraft
A balloon attached to a fence will stay grounded.

If a balloon gets shot by an arrow or a trident, it will explode, summon particles, and drop nothing. A balloon tied to a fence will pop when players strike it.

3. About Minecraft Education Edition

Just as the name suggests, Minecraft Education Edition is mainly used for educational purposes in a school, classroom setting. Minecraft Education Edition is based on Minecraft Bedrock to make it more accessible. It allows a classroom of up to 30 students to work together on a project.

Education Edition
Minecraft Education Edition is mainly used for educational purposes in a school, classroom setting.

There are many additional tools for teachers to manage users in the world and check the learning and work process of everyone. Additionally, teachers can download lessons and teaching plans online as well as upload their own lessons.

The real Minecraft Education Edition can only be used by teachers and institutions. However, Players can enable Education Edition in Minecraft Bedrock to test it out for fun by following these steps:

  • Open Minecraft and create a new world and set world type to Creative
  • Open the in-game setting and scroll down to the bottom.
  • Find and toggle Activate Cheats on. After that, you will be able to toggle on Education Edition.
  • There will be a confirmation message pop up. Tap Confirm.
Enable Education Edition In Minecraft Bed Rock
You can enable Education Edition in Minecraft Bedrock.

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