In Minecraft, speed bridge is one of the more advanced techniques that players need to learn to become pros. Some of the more popular Minecraft multiplayer minigames on various servers require you to build across vast areas to reach other players or islands. Bed Wars and Sky Wars are such examples - in these games, you can find players with the ability to build bridges much faster than you can imagine.

Therefore, in this guide, we are going to showcase how to bridge fast in Minecraft.

1. How to speed bridge in Minecraft Bedrock keyboard & controller

Overall, speed bridge in Minecraft Bedrock used to be hard, but it has gotten much easier in later versions. To get better at speed bridging, you will need to practice your timing skill, alternating between jump, walk and sprint while placing blocks as you go.

How To Speed Bridge In Minecraft 1
Practicing Speed Bridge in Minecraft

How to bridge fast for beginners

  • Place a block two or three blocks away from the edge.
  • Jump on top of it while pressing and holding the sprint (shift on keyboard, joystick on controllers) and place button at the same time (left click on keyboard, L2, LT on controllers).
  • Keep moving toward the needed direction.

Overall, this method is easy to get into but fairly limited in practice. It forces you to look down most of the time, which can be a problem as you need to know what is happening in front of you in games.

First method
The first method is easy but limited.

Tips to bridge fast for pro players

  • Place a block three blocks away from you and start walking at the same time. Remember to hold the place button (not spam clicking).
  • Jump on the first bridge block while keeping the crosshair on it (requires decent timing). Keep the place button on hold.
  • You can start sprinting. Just be careful when jumping as you might break the bridge and fall.

This method allows you to look forward and react to whatever happens in front of your location. Overall, it is the best method to learn and use if you are good at timing.

The second method
The second method requires good timing

2. How to bridge fast in Minecraft Java

Unlike Bedrock, speed bridge in Java is rather tricky. There are four methods that you can use to attain the fastest speed bridge in Minecraft Java:

Straight Sneaking (very easy)

This is the classic method that most players are familiar with, and also the slowest.

  • Go to the edge of the bridge and press left shift to crouch. Be careful as you would fall without crouching. Turn your back onto the edge.
  • Keep placing blocks as you move backward by holding down the placement key.
Straight Sneaking
Straight Sneaking method

Angle bridge (easy)

This is a variant of the straight sneaking method, with one difference. It is about 30% faster than the previous method.

  • Go to the edge of the bridge and press left shift to crouch. Turn your back onto the edge.
  • Turn 45 degrees toward the inside corner of the edge block.
  • Crouch and place blocks as you go by holding down the placement key.
Angle bridge
How to bridge fast in Minecraft using Angle method.

Stand and crouch (intermediate)

This is an upgrade of the Angle bridge method above. You do the same three steps, however, while moving, you also need to alternate between crouching and standing repeatedly. This is very challenging to master and requires you to listen to the sound of the game.

  • Release the crouch key when you hear the "place block" sound.
  • Press the crouch key again when you place another block.
  • Repeat the process until your bridge is completed.

Strafing (hard)

This method requires a fast trigger finger and good timing. It takes a lot of time to learn but if you master it, you would be able to place blocks super fast, as there is no crouching involved.

  • Begin a few blocks away from the edge.
  • Instead of crouching, you need to strafe left and right from the middle of each block (walk backward by pressing the S key and then move diagonally alongside it by pressing the A and D keys)
  • Press the placement button as fast as possible.
How to god bridge in Minecraft using Strafing

3. How to speed bridge in Minecraft PE (touch screen)

Overall, the method to speed bridge in Minecraft Pocket Edition is pretty much identical to the Bedrock version. Just place block while moving as fast as you can. However, you still need to keep a rhythm, as moving faster than placing would make you crash and fall.

As Minecraft PE's touch screen is much harder to control than Bedrock's keyboard and controller, you need to practice a fair bit - keeping the cursor still on the middle of the screen can be a tricky task.

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