Mob farms are one of the most useful builds that a Minecraft player can create. They provide endless resources and XP - two things every player needs to be able to defeat the difficult late-game bosses. However, not all mobs are equal - some have much better drops than others. In this article, we are going to showcase the 5 best mobs to farm items in Minecraft.

5. Skeletons

Skeleton farms are one of the easiest and most efficient farms a player can have. The variety of drops they produce is the main reason. Below is their droplist:

  • 0–2 bones (+1 to +3 with Looting).
  • 0–2 arrows (+1 to +3 with Looting).
  • Any naturally spawned equipment (including the bow) has an 8.5% chance of dropping if killed by the player (9.5% with Looting I, 10.5% with Looting II, and 11.5% with Looting III). It is damaged and sometimes enchanted.
  • 5 XP
Skeleton is one of the best mobs to farm items in Minecraft in the early game.

With a skeleton farm, you will never have to craft arrows anymore, and if you are lucky, they can even spawn an infinity bow. The bones can be used to create bonemeal, which results in higher food production.

4. Blazes

As Blaze Rods are one of the essential items in Minecraft, Blazes are an amazing mob to farm. Building a farm in the dangerous Nether is pretty tricky but definitely worth the trouble. Below is their droplist:

  • 0–1 blaze rods (0-4 with Looting III)
  • 10 XP

While Blazes do not have as big a droplist as the skeletons, blaze rods are much more crucial as a drop. They act as an essential ingredient in brewing, as a fuel for both brewing and smelting, and for crafting the eye of ender that helps the player to conquer the End.

Blazes are killed for their rare drops.

3. Pigs/Cows

Pigs and cows are the two best mobs to farm for food in Minecraft. Below is their drop lists:

  • Pig drops 1–3 raw porkchop or cooked porkchop if killed while on fire (1-6 with Looting III).
  • Cow drops 0–2 leather (0-5 with Looting III) and 1–3 raw beef or steak if killed while on fire (1-6 with Looting III).

Cooked porkchops and steaks are some of the most efficient food a player can have in their inventory.

Pigs/Cows are amongst the best food source to farm items in Minecraft.

2. Piglin Bartering

This is the only farm on this list that does not involve killing. Adult piglins can trade gold ingots for certain items when a gold ingot is dropped near them or the player uses it while looking at them. The piglin "examines" the ingot for six‌ to eight seconds, then drops a random item from the chart.

This farm makes use of the bartering mechanic of Piglins, which produce tons of items in exchange for gold. There are tons of rare items in the drop list, including the rare crying obsidian and the useful ender pearl.

Piglin Bartering
Piglin Bartering can yield great results.

1. Enderman

Enderman is one of the most iconic mobs in Minecraft. They provide the iconic Ender Pearl, which allows players to teleport when thrown. With enough Protection, Feather Falling, enough food and enough ender pearls, a player can travel a long distance quickly.

You also need to beat it to complete the game. Ender Pearl can be crafted into Eyes of Ender that locates Stronghold.

Enderman is one of the hardest mobs to farm items in Minecraft.

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