Minecraft The Wild update is bringing a new biome to fans and it is called the mangrove swamp. In this biome, mangrove trees grow from propagules that players can plant either on land or in water. They have a distinctive shape as the roots protrude in arches into the surrounding area. You can chop mangrove trees down to get a new kind of wood

Another exciting upcoming feature in The Wild is the tiny fireflies that fly around swamp biomes, glowing in the dark and sometimes becoming the snacks for frogs. Minecraft frog is one of The Wild update new mobs. Here’s everything to know about the animal’s locations and variants in the game.

Frogs are coming as one of the new mobs in the open world game.

Where to find Minecraft frogs

As frogs are coming live in Minecraft with the revamped swamp biome, fans can expect to see frogs mostly near bodies of water in the swamps.

Also according to Mojang, the frogs love sitting on lily pads and may try to also sit on massive drip leaves. Unfortunately, the leaves seem not sturdy enough for things to sit on, so these may slide off.

Minecraft Swamp
Players will have the chance to explore a newly revamped biome.

We will have to wait until the frogs do come into existence as the swamp is not the only place they can live.

Minecraft frog variants

Currently, there are three kinds of Minecraft frogs which live in different biomes:

  • Snowy frogs
  • Tropical frogs
  • Swamp frogs

Tadpoles can turn into any of these frog variants as they mature, depending on the temperature that the biome where they grow has.

Minecraft Frogs
There are three types of Minecraft frogs you will come across and have the chance to farm using tadpoles.

In the Minecraft Live stream, the game director, Agnes Larsson, explained that each variant of the frogs will have special characteristics and be useful to players in some way. The latter is still in the midst of working and the specifics will be revealed later by the team.

Minecraft tadpoles

Players cannot get any frog without tadpoles. Therefore, just expect to see swamp waters writhing with life when The Wild update is finally up for grabs. Players can scoop up the tadpoles into buckets and take them anywhere, letting them relocate to other biomes and making it easier to raise more than one frog variant.

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