Minecraft's most anticipated annual event, Minecraft Live 2021, has finally ended. It has revealed many new and unexpected features Mojang planned for the upcoming Minecraft updates. In this article, we are going to showcase the top 5 most notable announcements in Minecraft Live 2021.

1 - Deep dark caves

Looks like Mojang needs some extra time to polish the new Deep Dark biomes before adding them in. Mojang shared a new look of deep dark caves during the livestream. This is why the Deep Dark Caves were moved to the 1.19 update instead of 1.18 Caves and Cliff part 2.

This Deep Dark biome will be found in the deepest depths of the world, or below the y=0 layer. It would be yet another region to explore separately, similar to the Nether and End.

Deep dark caves in Minecraft

There will be a natural accessway to Deep Dark caves, of course, as digging down would be too long. In Minecraft Snapshots, players should search for a ravine-shaped cave that consists of Deepslate.

2 - Deep dark cities

The Deep dark cities is a brand new addition to the Deep region of Minecraft. This is the main reason that no fan is complaining about the delay. Deep dark cities a.k.a ancient cities are massive structures that generate in the biggest deep dark caves.

These cities are filled with otherworldly blocks like deepslate, skulk, alongside soul fire, soul lamps, white candles... and more. This underground location will be the home of the best loots in Minecraft.

Deep dark cities
Deep dark cities in Minecraft

3 - New sculk blocks

These blocks will be one of the unique features of Deep Dark Cities. Outside of the normal skulks, there are sculk catalyst and sculk shriekers. The former is a simple block that can be used for farming sculk sensors... however, the latter is a trap. The sculk shriekers inflict a new "darkness" effect on players and summon the Warden if the player trips too many of them.

In case you don't know, the warden fight is very treacherous. He would be probably the most dangerous boss that roams around in the deeps.

New sculk blocks
New sculk blocks can call the Warden.

4 - Swamp update

This reveal caught everybody by surprise, as everyone expect Caves and Cliff part 2 to be "the big one". Minecraft 1.19 The Wild Update will bring a major overhaul to swamps. This is a complete surprise, as the swamp lost the 2019 biome vote.

The Wild Update means that Mojang is willing to consider the losers of previous votes for Minecraft's future updates. The possibilities are endless. In the swamp, players will discover mangrove trees, mud blocks, and many new blocks.

Minecraft The Wild Update
New Swamp in Minecraft

5 - Frogs and fireflies

Along with allay, fireflies and frogs are new mobs coming to Minecraft in the near future. The dynamics of frogs and fireflies will be the new main inhabitants of swamps. Frogs will populate and make the current swamp more lively... while the fireflies will be their main food source. It is expected that players should be able to tame frogs by feeding them fireflies.

These glowing bugs will also serve as sources of illumination in the swamp as well.

Minecraft Frog
Frog in Minecraft

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