Death in Minecraft is more or less inevitable - all players will face this sooner or later. Plenty of things can kill a Minecraft player, but some are more common than others. In this article, we are going to showcase the top 5 most common deaths in Minecraft and how to avoid them.

5 - Gravel/Sand

Gravel and Sand are two of the few blocks that are affected by gravity. If players break a block or place a torch near a big patch of gravel or sand, there is a good chance that the patch will fall on top of the player. Just watch your step and avoid doing this.

If falling sand lands and covers the head of a mob or the player, the mob or player buried in it continuously receives suffocation damage. This emulates the real-life quicksand deaths, with players getting buried alive.

Gravel/Sand suffocation is the most unexpected death in Minecraft. Most players don't know this interaction.

4 - Drowning

While avoiding getting drowned is seemingly an easy task, in reality, players often underestimate how fast they run out of oxygen. Even with maxed Water Breathing enchantment on your gear, you might not come out fast enough from a deep, flooded place.

To deal with this issue, the only way is to get used to how fast the air bubbles deplete.

Drowning in Minecraft

3 - Mobs

As Minecraft is not a battle type of game, most players underestimate how dangerous its mobs can be. Mobs in Minecraft are dangerous, especially the one who can one-shot you like Creepers.

Getting swarmed with mobs is also a common way to die as well. Mobs in Minecraft spawn in groups and getting surrounded by them can be a quick ticket to the nearest respawn point. You need to hit and run against multiple mobs and be aware of your surroundings.

Creepers' explosion is super annoying.

2 - Fall Damage

This kind of death is much more common than you would believe. Whether off a mountain, building or even the Void, players will undoubtedly get "splatted" now and then.

Be careful when descending ravines and tall structures... one hasty misstep can kill you. The mobs can induce this process as well. Ravagers or any mob with knockback can push you down a cliff. The shulker's attacks can also inflict the levitation status effect, which floats you up high.

Enchantments that reduce fall damage are the key to deal with this.

Falling down a cliff is normal... but falling into the Void would kill you and destroy all your items.

1 - Lava

Lava is overall the deadliest substance in Minecraft. Even with Fire Protection and the like, you won't want to move around in Lava for long. Players often encounter lava early on when digging down to create a mine... and most encounters result in instant death.

In the late game, Lava deaths often occur in the Nether, a dimension filled with the substance. Falling down a hellish cliff and taking both fall damage and lava damage at the same time is an experience most Minecraft players know.

Stack fire protection on multiple pieces of your armor to endure lava damage.

Lava is the most common death in Minecraft.

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