Mojang is constantly upgrading Minecraft to make the game fresh for fans, and one of the biggest new additions is the mobs. During the recent Minecraft Live 2021, they have just revealed the Wild Update, which follows Caves & Cliffs Part 2. In this article, we are going to reveal the three new mobs in Minecraft: The Wild Update.

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1 - Frog

The Frogs was going to be the first amphibian mob in Minecraft, however, its swamp biome lost 2019's biome vote. That delayed the biome's release to 2022. It is going to be the main feature of The Wild Update, alongside mangrove trees, frogs, fireflies, mud blocks, mud bricks, and more.

Minecraft the wild
Minecraft: The Wild Update will feature the frogs.

There will be three different variants of frogs, mostly based on biomes' temperature: default, tropical, and snowy. They will often be found in swamps, jumping on lily pads and big drip leaves. Mojang hints that every frog type will have different usage in Minecraft, but other than that, there has been no revelation.

The snowy frogs are definitely the weirdest, as cold blooded animals like them often hibernate in the winter. Tadpoles are going to be added as the baby variant of frogs. Fireflies, part of the swamp biomes, are going to be the frogs' source of food.

2 - Allay

As expected, the Allay has won the Minecraft mob vote 2021. Despite tremendous competition from Copper Golem, it emerges on top of the poll via sponsorship of popular streamers. Overall, Allay is not based on any real-life animal. It is a flying vex-like mob that collects items for players.

Minecraft Allay Winner
Minecraft Allay is by far the best out of the three contestants.

With its addition, the item collection process will be simplified greatly. Currently, to make an automatic item collection system, players would need to know redstone design and work on gadgets like hoppers and item sorters. This is one of the hardest things to do in the game - more challenging than any boss.

3 - Warden

Alongside the Deep Dark Caves, Mojang has delayed the Warden's debut to Minecraft 1.19 The Wild. This will give them more time to work and polish the biome. The Warden will be the main enemies in the deepest reaches of the world.

Minecraft Warden
Minecraft Warden is going to have twice as much health as the Ender Dragon.

Apparently, the Warden is no longer a common mob that you can find. Developer Kingbdogz reveals that it is going to be a boss-tier enemy of sorts, with 500 hearts. If that happens, the Warden will replace the Ender Dragon and Wither and become the most dangerous mob in Minecraft.

Fighting the Warden is going to be tricky, as players will have to navigate a fairly dark and rough terrain. At least the thing is blind - players can just sneak past it instead of fighting.

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