The Minecraft Mob Vote is an annual event where Mojang lets players decide which mob will be in the next update. In the Minecraft Mob Vote 2021, they presented to us 3 new mobs: Glare, Allay, and Cooper Golem. After 2 rounds of voting, Allay has become the winner of the Minecraft Mob Vote 2021.

Minecraft Mob Vote 2021 results

In the first voting round among Glare, Allay, and Cooper Golem, the mob who get the least vote will be disqualified, while the two remaining will advance to the final voting round. Glare only got 11.2% of the votes so Allay and Cooper Golem are 2 in the final.

In the final round, Allay got 54.3% of the votes, making it the final winner and it will be added to Minecraft in the next update.

What Allay does in Minecraft?

Allay is a blue flying mob that will help you collect items you give to it. The mob loves music so it is attracted to note blocks. Many players misunderstood that Allay duplicates items, but it actually only collects the same items.

Minecraft Allay
Allay will help you collect the same item you give them.

When will Allay come to Minecraft?

Allay will be coming to Minecraft in 2022 with the 1.19 update, which has been announced as the Wild Update. In this new update, players can expect swamp biome, the long-awaited mini-boss, the Warden, and the brand new frog mobs.

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