Moving villagers and mobs over distances is an important but time-consuming task. However, only by doing that could players start new villages or create baiting mob traps. Thankfully, there are creative ways to make the trips faster and easier. In this article, we are going to showcase the top 5 best ways to transport villagers and mobs in Minecraft.

1. Job blocks/beds

It is possible to move a single unemployed villager using either a job site block. Just pick up that block and place it down somewhere close to lure the villager to it. Afterward, continuously break the block and re-place it to lure the villager to where you want it to go.

How To Change Villager Jobs In Minecraft
This is the most simple way to make villagers follow you, but it is useless against mobs.

At night, you can move the villager around using beds. However, this is pretty dangerous, as mobs such as zombies can spawn and ruin your day. Furthermore, if you want to move a whole village at once, it is possible to break all beds, job site blocks and the village bell then use the same placing trick to lure.

2. Use a lead

Using a lead on a mob ties the lead to the mob, allowing it to be moved by the player. Multiple mobs can be held by leads at once, but each mob held requires its own lead. A lead can be used to remove a mob from a boat without needing to break the boat, if the mob can normally be leashed.

A lead
A lead can be used to pull mobs around, however, not all mobs can be leashed.

3. Use a boat

This is probably the most simple way to transport just a single villager over distances. Just push one into a boat then drive the boat, which can actually be rowed slowly over land. Players can move the boat upward using a piston or an upward bubble column.

Rowing a boat to move villagers around.

It is also possible to pull a boat up using a lead in Bedrock Edition.

4. Water path

To use this method, players need to create a tunnel or walled path without any exits along the way. Afterward, use 2 buckets of water to push villagers down the patch, a few blocks at a time. Retrieve the water block furthest back with your bucket and repeat the process.

Water can definitely transport villagers toward the destination, especially the bubble column.

To transfer villagers or mob upward, players can use a soul sand bubble column. Alternatively, if the tunnel is a flat surface, it is possible to use a sign above an ice block or an open fence gate to prevent the water source block to flow backward, resulting in a cheap "railway.

5. Minecart

This is probably the most elaborating method  - it involves building a minecart track from one location to another. Afterward, players can push a villager or mob into the cart and push the cart to its destination.

Minecart can be used to transport villagers and mobs.

6. Nether portal

Players can transport using Nether Portals if no portals have been constructed in the Nether. Just create a portal at the Overworld destination, travel into it then back out immediately. Afterward, build another portal less than 128 blocks from the first portal and push villagers into it.

Portals can transport villagers and mobs over long distances.

Pull the villager back out again, wait 30 seconds then push them back in. Afterward, the villager should arrive at the second portal.

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