Minecraft is a large game with a huge open-world consisting of multiple biomes. Almost every biome in the overworld has its own flora spawn list, except for the desert biome. Almost no tree can be found here - the only vegetation in the desert are cactuses.

Cactus is a special block that deals damage upon contact: players and mobs take one heart worth of damage every half second. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the 5 best ways to use Cactus in Minecraft.

1. Protection wall

Almost all entities in the game take damage from Minecraft cactus. Mobs in Minecraft seem to be aware that touching a cactus is not a good idea. Therefore, players can create a wall using cactus around their base to protect against hostile mobs. Even friendly, passive mobs would avoid touching cactus in Minecraft.

Minecraft Cactus
Protection wall using Minecraft Cactus

However, players need to remember that a cactus block may be placed only on sand, red sand, or another cactus block. In order to create a cactus wall, players need a lot of sand.

2. Easy Exp farm

Players can combine a bamboo farm with a cactus farm to create an infinite EXP farm. Smelting gives experience points, and cacti can be smelted into green dyes in Minecraft. An automatic bamboo farm can provide fuel for a furnace or blast furnace while the smelting items are provided by the cacti farm.

Minecraft Cactus
Minecraft Cactus can damage everything

Players can receive their EXP manually by removing the dye from the furnace.

3. Disposing items

Cactus is pretty much the garbage disposal item in Minecraft. A cactus destroys any item that comes into contact with it, including other cactus in item form. Falling blocks like sand and gravel do not get destroyed - they transform into item form instead. The item created in this case will sometimes (though not always) be destroyed by the cactus.

Players can create a simple Redstone contraption to make an automatic trash disposal system.

4. Decoration

As cactus is a unique type of plant, it can be used for decorating bases in Minecraft. Its green color is pretty striking and can be separated from grass blocks. Similar to flowers, cactus can also be planted inside a flower pot. This renders the thing harmless by preventing it from dealing damage to other objects in the vicinity.

 cactus in Minecraft
A harmless potted cactus in Minecraft

Furthermore, a cactus does not need light to grow and is non-flammable. Cacti naturally grow to a height of three blocks, adding a block of height when the top cactus block has received 16 random ticks.

5. Making Dyes

By smelting, players can turn Minecraft cactus into green dye. They are the primary source of green dye in Minecraft, which can be mixed into cyan dye and lime dye. There are lots of use for dyes in Minecraft, such as coloring armors, sheep, wool, banners, wold collar, and more.

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