Minecraft's huge open world map is made up of various types of biomes. Each of these biomes is different from each other - they vary from blocks to temperature and vegetation. Currently, there are over 60 types of biomes and sub biomes in Minecraft, however, only a few of them are ideal to start on.

In this article, we are going to showcase the top 5 biomes to start a new game in Minecraft 1.18.

1. Mushroom Field

This is the best biome to start in Minecraft for beginners, however, it is also one of the rarest biomes to encounter. Overall, it is best to look for a Mushroom Field seed on the internet. This biome spawns a unique mob called Mooshroom, which can provide mushroom soup when milked. Players can find villages here, alongside a lot of big mushrooms.

Minecraft Mushroom Field
Minecraft Mushroom Field

The best part about this biome is that it is completely peaceful. No hostile mobs can spawn here outside of mob spawners, both above and below ground. The only difficulty you might have here is the lack of wood, which can be solved by sapling and tree farms.

2. Old Growth Taiga

Old growth taiga or giant tree taiga is a colder counterpart of the jungle biome. Similar to jungle and dark forest biomes, old growth taiga generates at very high humidity values and are often surrounded by the regular taiga biome.

Minecraft Giant Tree Taiga
Old Growth Taiga

It is a great biome to start and work into the endgame in Minecraft 1.18. There are large trees everywhere, which makes gathering wood a breeze. Furthermore, players can tame wolves for attack purposes and catch rabbits for rabbit farms. There are also podzol blocks that allow growing mushrooms regardless of light levels.

3. Snowy Taiga

A snowy taiga is a snow-covered biome that comprises a forest of spruce trees, ferns and large ferns, usually generating adjacent to or within snowy plains. They might not look it, but Snowy Taigas are actually great for survival. Players can quickly create a snow castle or claim an igloo for shelter.

Minecraft Snowy Taiga
Snowy Taiga

Outside of that, there are a lot of trees to harvest, alongside wolves to tame and snow golems. Starting a wheat farm can be annoying as water blocks often freeze over, but torches can remedy that.

4. Plains

If you are planning on building a big base, plains are the biome to pick. They contain vast fields suitable for large projects and are also easily defensible from hostile mobs. Overall, there is no shade anywhere - the undead foes would get burned up in the sun every morning.

Minecraft Plains

This biome is also great for horse spawns. It is actually pretty easy to grab an early horse to move around faster. While trees are rare in plains, it is fairly easy to create a tree farm with saplings. There will typically be at least one village around, and bee hives are great for honey or sugar farming.

5. Jungle

A jungle is a lush warm biome full of dense vegetation. They are one of the best to start at in Minecraft 1.18, as players can find in the jungle some of the most useful resources not obtainable anywhere else in the game.

Minecraft Jungle

The jungle contains immense trees with vines, melons that are great for automated farms, ocelots for protection from Creepers, parrots for warning systems, and bamboo for a great source of fuel for smelting.

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