While Minecraft lets its players do almost everything with its endless creative opportunities, the survival mode has different ways you can adopt to build your world. With the resources you have collected along the way, you can trade them for better and rare items.

Like Villagers, Piglins can also trade goodies with you. This entity can make up its own community and be either dangerous or quite helpful towards players.

Check this list to see all Piglin trades in Minecraft and every reminder to help you trade efficiently.

What can you get from all Piglin trades in Minecraft?

All Piglin Trades In Minecraft

Do remember that the item the Piglin hands out is random and you can’t do anything to change the odds. This is every item you can get from trading with Piglins and their chances of dropping:

Piglin trade item Chance of dropping 
Crying Obsidian 9.46%
Enchanted Book with Soul Speed 1.15%
Ender Pearl 4.73%
Fire Charge 9.46%
Glowstone Dust 4.73%
Gravel 9.46%)
Iron Boots with Soul Speed Enchantment 1.89%
Iron Nugget 2.36%
Leather 9.46%
Magma Cream 4.73%)
Nether Brick 9.46%
Nether Quartz 4.73%
Obsidian 9.46%
Potion of Fire Resistance 2.36%
Soul Sand 9.46%
Splash Potion of Fire Resistance 2.36%
String 4.73%
Piglin Barter
Players can get many high-quality items from piglin bartering.

Down the line, some of these items are not just there to grab. Ender Pearls, for example, are essential in crafting Ender’s Eyes and its chance to drop from Piglins is not too high either.

Besides, the Iron Boots with Soul Speed enchantment are also vital for an important quest. Obtaining and using these will help you speedrun or roam around the overworld quicker.

Where to find Piglin & how to trade

1. Piglin locations

The only place you can find Minecraft piglins is the Nether.

The player needs to craft a Nether Portal with a Steel/Flint and Obsidian to enter Minecraft Nether. This dangerous biome is loaded with hostile mobs and pitfalls that fall deep into the lava.

On another hand, you may place your bet to find Piglins in the Crimson Forest. Preparing a Gold offering will be inevitable before the trip.

As new updates keep arriving, players who want to make more expeditions into the Nether should always keep track of the Piglins’ whereabouts.

Minecraft 1162 Piglin Brute Custom Biome
Never forget a Gold item as you try to encounter a piglin.

2. How to trade with Piglins

Piglins in Minecraft love Gold Ore. They can be fatal to you if you don’t bring gold items. Just have at least one Gold item on you to stay safe. Here’s how you can barter with this creature:

  • Make sure to equip a Gold Armor piece (legs, chests, boots, or helmets…)
  • Throw a Gold Ingot down in front of the Piglins
  • The Piglin accesses the Gold Ingot and offers you a random item

Notably, the best way to get more Gold Ingots is to find Gold Ore. This is quite common to come across as you explore the deeper places of caverns. Make Gold Ingots by placing Gold Ore into a Furnace and just waiting for it to smelt.

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