Scheduled for release sometime later this year, the 1.19 update of Minecraft is going to bring a lot of new content and various changes to Minecraft's world generation. This has been a pretty common theme in Minecraft updates, with the 1.17 and 1.18 patches revamping mountains and caves.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the top 3 best features in Minecraft 1.19 'The Wild' Update.

1. Revamped Swamp biomes (+mangroves)

Swamps have mostly remained unchanged for quite a while in Minecraft. They are flat, flooded biomes that contain shallow water and small lakes, with patches of clay on the lakebed. There are other changes as well, but they are mostly cosmetics (color) instead of actual new blocks and items.

Minecraft Swamp
The new version of swamps in Minecraft would be much more immersive.

In Minecraft 1.19 The Wild, Mojang is going to revamp the biome and add mangrove trees, an exclusive type of tree that often grows in flooded areas. The small spawn roster of swamps will also be improved with new mobs like frogs, tadpoles or fireflies.

Frogs will come in three variants: default, snowy, and tropical, depending on the temperature the tadpoles were in. Each variant is planned to have a unique use for players, however, that's currently unknown.

2. The new Allay mob

Allay was the winner of the mob contest in Minecraft Live 2021. Because of that, it is going to debut immediately in Minecraft 1.19. Overall, Allays will unlock a lot of new possibilities for builds due to their autonomous feature. This little critter will move around nearby chunks and collect various items for players. Once it has gathered a stack of that item, it will fly back to the player or a note block for dropoff.

Minecraft Allay Winner
The winner of the mob votes usually get added immediately.

The inclusion of the Allay would be a most welcome addition in Minecraft, as this is probably the first time a mob that exists solely to benefit the player was added in.

3. The Warden and the Deep Dark biome

Originally intended for the Minecraft Caves and Cliffs update, the Warden alongside the Deep Dark biomes have been moved to 1.19 due to their increasing scope. The version of the Deep Dark revealed during Minecraft Live 2021 dwarfed any previous iteration - it was as big as a full patch update.

Deep Dark Biome
A biome exclusively underground

The deep dark biome is an expansive subterranean biome spawn at the bottom of a Minecraft world. It is made from a strange material called sculk and even features ancient ruined cities. The deep dark biome will contain unique items and loots that spawn exclusively, however, players need to deal with the Wardens to get to them.

Minecraft Warden
The warden drops nothing so it is not recommended to fight them.

Wardens are guardians of the deep dark, who spawn when sculk shriekers are activated. Despite being one of the most powerful mobs in the game, it is fully blind and has to sense the player using smell and vibration.

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