Lapis Lazuli is one of the most used minerals in Minecraft. It is the main resource for enchanting items, which are something Minecraft players must do to beat the game. However, it is not really that easy to get a decent number of this mineral. In this article, we are going to showcase how to farm Lapis Lazuli in Minecraft.

1. How to find Lapis Lazuli in Minecraft

In 1.18, the spawn location for Lapis Lazuli has changed. It can now be found anywhere below sea level, or Y64 and Y-64. While players can find the ore exposed in caves, it is usually buried deep inside the blocks. It is most common around level 0 and becomes less common towards either end of the range.

Mining Lapis in Minecraft

To maximize the effectiveness of Lapis Mining, players need to acquire a stone pickaxe or above enchanted with Fortune.

When mined with a Fortune enchanted pickaxe, there is a chance for the drops to be multiplied by between 2 and the level plus 1, up to a maximum of 2 to 4 at level III (for a maximum of 36 lapis lazuli dropped). This means at Fortune III there is a chance to get a minimum of 4 lapis lazuli or 36 lapis lazuli.

Furthermore, you can actually find some Lapis Lazuli by exploring. They spawn in treasure chests in Mineshaft, Shipwreck, and Village. Shipwreck chests have the highest spawn rate, at 60%.

2. Lapis Lazuli farm

As no mobs drop Lapis Lazuli, it is actually pretty hard to create a Lapis Lazuli farm. Players can only acquire it from cleric villagers, via a trade or as a gift when players have the Hero of the Village effect. Wandering traders can also sell 3 Lapis for one emerald.

Trade for Lapis Lazuli in Minecraft

Overall, mining is still faster than creating mass clerics to exchange for lapis.

3. What are the usages of Lapis Lazuli?


The main purpose of Lapis Lazuli is for fueling Minecraft enchantments. Players need it to enchant their weapons, tools, and armor pieces. Each time a player needs to enchant their gear, one to three pieces of Lapis are consumed in the process.

Enchantment table needs its own fuel

Because of this, to acquire a high-end set of gear, a lot of Lapis Lazuli ores are required.


Lapis Lazuli is the main source of blue color in both Minecraft and real life. Players can craft Lapis shards into blue dye, which in turn can be used to change the color of various items in the game like beds or banners. Players also need blue dye to mix other colors like Cyan for example.

Besides that, players can also use lapis to dye or stain wool, leather armor, beds, glass, terracotta and shulker boxes. When combined with gunpowder, it results in a firework star.

Dye the sheep blue with lapis and blue dye

9 pieces of Lapis can be combined into a Lapis block, which has a deep blue color. It is perfect for decoration.

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