Mojang has recently hosted Minecraft Live 2021, the game's biggest event of the year. During the stream, the next major update "The Wild" was announced officially. Quite a few features of the Caves & Cliff 2 update have been moved to The Wild, including the next major boss, the Warden. In this article, we are going to list out everything you need to know about the new Warden mob in Minecraft after The Wild update.

1. Where does the Warden spawn?

The Warden in Minecraft will appear in deep dark cave biomes. Apparently, they are going to be the only mob there. This will be the first time in Minecraft that a biome has only a single mob spawn naturally. As the biome does not have any light, it might actually be a good idea that no mobs ever spawn.

Warden mob in Minecraft
Warden mob in Minecraft will spawn in deep biomes.

In last year's Minecraft Live 2020, Mojang reveals that the Warden can spawn anywhere in the deep dark caves, roaming around looking for players. This year's version goes deeper into its origin, with the Warden spawning in an ancient city, a new structure of Minecraft 1.19.

Sculk blocks like the Shriekers can summon the Warden if activated too many times. It also applies a new "darkness" effect that darkens the players' screen, making the warden encounter more difficult.

2. How strong is the Warden?

Unlike the Wither and Ender Dragon, Mojang wants to make the Warden some sort of natural calamity instead of a boss the player needs to defeat. It will be much stronger than the two bosses in Minecraft.

Below are the Warden's supposed stats:

  • It can kill a player wearing full netherite armor in two hits (any weaker armor or no armor will result in the player being killed in 1 hit). Like hoglins, Wardens' attacks also knock their enemies back.
  • It is a tank, with both high HP (84+) and damage reduction. A fully charged bow does 10 hp, a fully charged netherite sword swing does 8 hp.

To discourage players from engaging the boss, the developer said that the Warden is not going to drop anything. Minecraft players are still going to take up the challenge, of course.

Minecraft Warden
Warden's horns are actually its ears.

3. How to deal with the Wardens?

The Warden is blind and can be distracted by vibrations. To shake them off your trails, just throw snowballs or shoot arrows away from the Warden to distract it. Afterward, sneak away. It is unclear if the Warden mob in Minecraft would be able to destroy blocks or not, but based on some of the interviews, the answer is likely to be yes.

As they are highly resistant to weapon damage, the usual method of trapping like TNT and lava would definitely be the safest way. Take advantage of their AI and lure them into a Lava pit or something. It is unlikely that this mob would be immune to fire.

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