Smooth Stones can be used for various purposes, be it to make clean edges for your castles or houses.

The good news is creating smooth stone slabs is not hard at all, especially with our help. Join us to learn how to make Smooth Stone Slab Minecraft and apply this ancient art to smooth everything out in your world.

Smooth Stone
Smooth Stone Slab is a useful item in Minecraft especially for those who are into crafting and building.

How to make Smooth Stone Slab Minecraft

Before getting into what uses Smooth Stones have, we’ll show you how to make them. Luckily, you do not need to have any magical tools or know any arcane knowledge in order to craft Smooth Stones. In fact, players can discover any of these materials scattered around nearly everywhere, without any particular Minecraft seeds.

  • Furnace
  • Cobblestone

Follow these steps to make a Smooth Stone Slab.

1. Make a furnace

In case you have never crafted a Furnace before, you will need 8 Cobblestone blocks and some fuel. Either Charcoal, Wood, or Coal, put it in to create a Furnace.

2. Make Stone

Once you have had a Furnace, plop some Cobblestone in it and it will smelt the Cobblestone into Stone.

Smooth Stone Slab
Smooth Stone Slab recipe to use in Minecraft.

3. Craft Smooth Stone Slab

Now, all you need to do is smelt this Stone and you will end up having a Smooth Stone.

Put 3 Smooth Stone blocks in the middle row of the crafting grid and it will make 6 Smooth Stone Slabs for your build.

The process requires several steps of smelting. However, you can see that there’s no complexity in how to make Smooth Stone Slab Minecraft and you can make plenty to furnish your structure.

What is Smooth Stone Minecraft used for?

Smooth Stones are used for two main purposes: making Blast Furnace and making Smooth Stone Slabs.

1. Minecraft Blast Furnace

For the unknown, a Blast Furnace is an upgraded version of Furnace. It can smelt armor, ores, with twice the speed of a normal Furnace. However, you can only get half the experience.

Players can use this as a job block for villagers, transforming them into Armorers.

You will need 5 Iron Ingots, 3 Smooth Stones, and 1 Furnace to craft a Blast Furnace.

Smooth Stone Uses
Players can use Smooth Stones and Smooth Stone Slabs for different purposes.

2. Smooth Stone Slabs

Besides, Smooth Stone is the only thing that makes Smooth Stone Slabs available.

Smooth Stone Slabs are not any mediocre component for decorative purposes. These sleek blocks can make a nice foundation for a Minecraft mansion or any structure in your world. It’s much more efficient than building a house from Gold or Iron.

Moreover, Smooth Stone Slabs are also used in the armor stand recipe. This entity can help you hang your armor and even pose if you know the special tactics. All in all, an interesting and essential use indeed.

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