There are a lot of mobs in Minecraft, but comparing to the number of mobs you can have in an actual farming game or open world game, it is nowhere near enough. Luckily, you can improve Minecraft with mods. In this article, we are going to list out the top 5 bestMinecraft mods that add new mobs.

1 - Animania Cats & Dogs: Your Pet In Minecraft

If you like to have animals as pets, Animania Cats & Dogs is the ideal mob to have. It implements more realistic cats and dogs, with 13 dog breeds and 7 cat breeds added. Furthermore, you also get more realistic foxes, ocelots and wolves.

These modded pets do not spawn naturally and can only be bought from a Pet Merchant, a new type of villager that spawns naturally in villages. This would prevent the mod from breaking immersion. Furthermore, Animania Cats & Dogs also add some functional and decorative blocks, such as pet bowls, dog houses, cat and dog beds, litter boxes, and cat trees.

Minecraft Animania Cats And Dogs
Minecraft Animania is one of the best Minecraft mods that add new mobs.

2 - Animania Extra Animals: Realistic Farm Animals

Another Minecraft mod from the same author - Animania Extra Animals: Realistic Farm Animals simply adds more farm animals for you to breed and take care of. 5 new farm animals are added to the game (hedgehogs, peacocks and peafowl, ferrets, hamsters) alongside three new types of amphibians (frogs, dart frogs, toads).

Over half of those creatures (peacocks/peafowl and amphibians) cannot be tamed, however, you can breed the peafowl using a nest. Hedgehogs, ferrets and hamsters can be tamed but can't be bred. To get more of them, you need to capture them in their natural habitat.

3 - Animania Farm: A Farming Simulator For Minecraft

This mod is focused on improving the farm animals (cows, sheep, chickens, pigs, and goats) and farming mechanics. With this mod, each animal type is divided into various subspecies, each with its own unique styles based on actual breeds in the real world.

Minecraft Animania Farm
Animania Farm changes your farming experience greatly.

Furthermore, Animania Farm also changes the way to breed these animals and making the process more realistic. You will need to make sure that your animals have the required happiness level for breeding to happen.

4 - Better Animals Plus: Remastering Minecraft Mobs

Unlike the above Minecraft mods that add animals, Better Animals Plus: Remastering Minecraft Mobs focuses more on reworking the existing mobs in the game. It retextures the mobs so that they look better and more dynamic.

However, besides the remastered mobs, the newly added ones are great as well. Better Animals Plus adds more diversity to land, sea, and skies while retaining that signature Minecraft style. Most of the animals are based on real-world animals, from deer and turkeys to octopus and colossal squid.

5 - Lycanites Mobs: A Challenging Horror Game

Unlike the above mods, Lycanites Mobs turns Minecraft into a challenging horror game. It adds 115 new creatures, with the majority of them being disgusting monsters. New biomes for those creatures are also added alongside new bosses that are harder than the ender dragon.

If you are looking for scarier and more powerful mobs in your Minecraft game, Lycanites Mobs should be one of the best.

Minecraft Lycanites
Lycanites is one of the biggest Minecraft mods that add new mobs.

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