The Breeze Minecraft is a new wind-base mob in update 1.21. This is a brand-new exclusive mob in the upcoming feature - trial chambers. Let's check out the first information about this new mob to get prepared before exploring the new trial chamber.

I. The Breeze Minecraft Location

The new hostile mob of The Breeze will spawn in the exclusive monster rooms of the Trial Chambers - an upcoming underground feature in Minecraft 1.21. You can find them in the chamber with a trail spawner.

The trial spawner can be used to spawn the Breeze. According to the leaked information in Minecraft 1.21 Livestream, the mob to be spawned by the trial spawner can be defined by the surrounding blocks of the chamber. You must find the trial chamber with a trial spawner surrounded by copper blocks and polished tuffs.

Minecraft Trial Chamber Spawner
Find the right trial chamber and spawner to summon the Breeze Minecraft to counter.

Next, approach the spawner. This device will be activated when you are 16 blocks away from it. Get prepared for the combat as the mob will appear within a few seconds. Keep an eye on the surrounding area to avoid sudden attacks from this dangerous mob.

How Do They Look Like?

The Breeze appears in gray with a hurricane around its body that keeps it hovering in the air. Moreover, this boss does not take fall damage. So, you have to hit it correctly by using a long-range weapon or attack it with your sword when it is close to the ground.

The Breeze Minecraft
This boss is surrounded by a white layer of wind circles around its body.

II. Minecraft The Breeze Attack Patterns

These new enemies can fly and hover in the air. These bosses can jump up to 5 blocks high and 15 blocks far. Moreover, their movement speed is also high. It has three types of attacks.

  • Wind Charge: When using the Wind Charge attack, they throw wind balls directly that can damage you.
  • Wind Burst: When their wind ball is blocked by an obstacle, it will burst and blow away the obstacle. The wind burst will not deal any damage to you.
  • Redstone Components: Their wind attacks can hit and interact with levers, trap doors, and buttons to activate them. Therefore, you also need to watch out for these dangers.

Understanding its attack patterns lets you find a way to counter them. You can also learn the following tips to counter this new mob in the next update which is scheduled to be released in June 2024.

The Breeze Minecraft
The Breeze Minecraft will appear as the exclusive boss in Trial Chamber.

III. Best Tips To Defeat The Breeze

This hostile mob is very agile, so you need to spot and navigate their location to avoid being attacked. Moreover, you should locate all obstacles to hide during combat. Besides, use these tactics to defeat them:

  • Use a diamond sword to attack this mob at a close distance as the Breeze is not dangerous in melee combat;
  • Always bring a Potion of Healing to heal your HP during combat as this is a dangerous boss.
  • The shields or potions of resistance also help explorers survive when countering this new wind-based mob.
  • Make use of the Cobwebs to reduce the movement speed and the knockback. But you may have difficulty in moving and approaching the enemy.
  • Make sure you keep a safe distance from Redstone components in the chamber to avoid being trapped.
  • Using an Iron Golem to counter them is an alternative way to counter this mob.
  • You can also maintain a safe distance and attack this enemy from afar with a bow or crossbow.

Each player has their strategies to counter this mob. If you have better tips to counter these enemies, you can share them with us.

How To Defeat The Breeze Minecraft
Learn some tips and tactics to defeat the Breeze in Minecraft when exploring the Trial Chambers.

IV. Why You Have To Defeat The Breeze

The Breeze often appears in the chamber with the new Trial Spawners which are exclusive to the new Trial Chamber. It's still unknown what this boss may drop after being defeated. But countering the Breeze also helps you improve your combat skills and experience new features of the next update.

These spawners allow Minecrafters to select the level of difficulty and the amount of rewards to obtain after defeating those enemies. It's an opportunity for Minecraft players to farm for rare materials in the Trial Chambers.

Minecraft Trial Chamber Spawner
Defeat the Breeze in Minecraft to approach the Trial Chamber Spawner.

The new wind-based mob The Breeze Minecraft is one of the greatest additions to this game in Update 1.21. They will not come out until mid-2024 when the new update is ready to download and access. Just get ready for this new experience.

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