While Minecraft is all about building, farming and relaxing, there are a lot of hostile creatures in the vast open world. You can use various weapons to kill them, however, the most popular are swords, axes and tridents. In this article, Gurugamer is going to compare Sword vs Axe vs Trident in Minecraft to see which is the best melee weapon.

1. Sword VS Axe VS Trident, which has the better DPS?

In Minecraft Java, the axe has higher damage than the sword. It allows the player to focus their power on a single enemy alone. This lets the player deal very high single target damage to an enemy, taking them out in just one or two hits. However, the weakness of the axe is its inability to deal damage to multiple targets.

Netherite sword
Netherite sword is still the highest DPS weapon in the game.

The sword, on the other hand, deals less damage to enemies. However, it has the ability to do a swipe attack that damages multiple foes. Because of this, the sword is better when dealing with a group of enemies.

The trident is probably the most special weapon of the three, as it has no upgrade levels. In Java, the trident has as much damage as an Iron sword, however, it is as deadly as a Netherite sword in bedrock. Because of this, getting a trident early on would give you a much better time in combat.

  • Verdict: A trident is more powerful early on while an axe is the best in the late game with more damage for manual farms. The sword is pretty much the mid-tier of the two.

2. Which is the best weapon in Minecraft PVP?

To use the Axe as a weapon, you need to practice a lot with the hit and run tactic, smacking the enemy then dodging to wait for the next attack to be available. Sword's fast attack, on the other hand, allow players to chain combo much easier. This matters a lot in PVP where you have to fight other people.

Minecraft PVP
Minecraft PVP

However, when a shield is taken into account, the axe gets an edge with its ability to disable shields. Sword users, on the other hand, would be helpless.

The trident has no advantage over either the sword or the axe in PVP, however, players can use it as a throwing weapon. This allows them to take out some of the enemies' HP before or after engaging. Afterwards, just switch to either the sword or axe to fight.

  • Verdict: the Axe is the best for PVP with shields, but for normal PVP, the sword has an edge.

3. Which is the best weapon in Minecraft PVE?

In Minecraft PVE, you often fight one or two enemies at the same time instead of getting yourself surrounded by a crowd. This is why the axe is effective - you can just one or two-shot an enemy so that they can't damage you. While the sword's sweeping attack allows you to fight multiple foes at the same time, you would not want to be surrounded at Normal or Hard.

Minecraft Trident Enchantments Repair
The trident is best underwater.

The axe also allows you to break logs and blocks derived from wood faster than by using other tools. Lastly, the trident has a lot of useful enchantment for underwater combat, alongside a skill that can summon lightning.

  • Verdict: the Axe is a better PVE weapon in general, with the Sword rather lacking in extra features. However, the Sword is much easier to use. The trident is only useful for its special feature.

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