Drowned is one of the best mobs to farm in Minecraft. They are the only source for Tridents and the only renewable source for copper. Players can even loot from them the ever-elusive chainmail armor. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase how to build a Drowned farm in Minecraft Java and Bedrock.

There are 2 variants of the drowned farm: Flooded Dungeon and Aerial.

The drowneds are sources of valuable items in Minecraft, including the Trident and Nautilus shells.

1. Flooded Dungeon Drowned Farm

The simplest answer to the question of "how to build a drowned farm Minecraft" is the flooded dungeon method. It can produce the majority of material dropped from zombies and drowned, except for nautilus shells or tridents. In Bedrock Edition this farm also produces nautilus shells, but not tridents.

General Design

A flooded dungeon farm works by spawning zombies using the dungeon's monster spawner. Afterward, funnel the zombies into an underwater chamber to drown them, which in turn convert them to Drowned.

After this, players can either kill them manually or create a trap to automatically dispose of them.

The killing area allows you to dispatch the mob without much risk.


Firstly, just look for a dungeon room with a zombie mob spawner. Clear out all the mobs and spawn proof the room. You will need a good weapon to clear out the dungeon, a cheap weapon to harvest drowned, torches, a water bucket, pickaxes, and a few signs. Glass blocks, hoppers and a couple of chests are needed if you want to auto the farm.

Build Drowned Farm Minecraft: Flooded Dungeon

Firstly, spawn proof the spawner to stop it from creating zombies. Dig a room around it and create a slope with water flowing down, using the water bucket.

Screenshot 1
The general design of a Flooded Dungeon Drowned farm Minecraft

Next, underneath the dungeon, excavate the trap room. The most basic version of the trap consists of a single water block that the zombie falls through from above while drowning in the water. Place a sign on the wall to hold up the bottom of the water block.

Use solid blocks to enclose the water on all sides. you might want to use glass to have an easier time differentiating between drowned zombies and non-drowned zombies. Upon kills, the hoppers would automatically store the drops into the chest.

2. Aerial Drowned Farm Minecraft

An aerial farm is the easiest way to farm tridents and nautilus shells, as it makes use of natural drowned spawns instead of converted ones. The speed is slower in comparison with the spawner variant, however.

General Design

An Aerial farm spawns drowned naturally on an aerial platform at least 24 blocks above the player, then funnel them into the killing chamber where the player is waiting. It makes use of a mechanic in Bedrock Edition where a single layer of water reduces the light level and allows drowned to spawn. Afterward, create a second wet platform under that layer for the drowned to spawn.

In Java Edition, two layers of water may be needed for the platform to spawn drowned.

Drowned Farm Spawn Platform Roof
An Average Aerial drowned farm.


Unlike the previous simple farm, this farm requires a lot of materials. Players are going to need the following:

  • Several full stacks of cobblestone
  • 4 to 5 full stacks of glass blocks
  • A couple of stacks of ladders or scaffolding for climbing back up to your farm if you fall during construction.
  • Hoppers, chests, slabs, water buckets, torches.
  • Buttons or signs to control water flow.

Build Drowned Farm Minecraft: Aerial

This farm consists of three parts. The top part is the water chamber to reduce the light level of the spawning zone.  The second part is the spawning zone with water flowing down into a hole, and the third part is the killing area.

Firstly, place 18 or more layers of water on top of the signs in the first part to make the light level zero at the bottom.

Your spawning platform should be completely covered with flowing water to sweep the drowned into the drop platform room below. Ideally, the water should just reach the edge of the hole, but if water flows into the hole, you can stop the flow with a sign or button.

drowned farm in Minecraft
The general design of an Aerial drowned farm Minecraft

Players need at least a 21 blocks fall to reduce the drowned's HP enough so that they can be killed in one hit. The killing room where drowned are funneled in should have a hopper and chest for item collection.

Alternatively, there are also underwater variants, however, it is not as straightforward and easy as the ones mentioned above. Players can find out more about it in this video:

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