There are a lot of different mobs in Minecraft, with the underwater biomes having just as many as the normal ones. These aquatic mobs come in all shapes and sizes and many of them are very useful to players. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the top 5 most useful aquatic mobs in Minecraft.

1. Drowned

Drowned are common underwater zombie variants that spawn in oceans and rivers, or when zombies drown. Unlike zombies, Drowned has quite a few unique features. They are the only source of tridents, and the only renewable source of copper.

The Drowned
The simple Drowned is actually the most valuable underwater mob in Minecraft.

With tridents being one of the best weapons in the game, especially for underwater combat, creating a drowned farm is a must. Besides the above drops, they also drop fishing rods and nautilus shells, which are useful tools and components.

Players can also get armors from Drowneds, which make the mobs highly useful at all levels.

2. Glow Squid

Glow squids are varieties of squid, with an aqua luminescent texture. They can often be found in dark underwater areas, typically in ocean depths, ravines and underground lakes.

Upon death, they drop glow ink sacs. Unlike regular ink sacs, they can be added to signs to make glowing text and can be used to craft glow item frames. This allows players to read the text on signs even in total darkness.

Glow Squid
Glow Squid won the mob vote in the 1.17 version.

3. Turtles

A turtle (in Java Edition) or sea turtle (in Bedrock Edition) is a common passive mob found in beach biomes. They drop seagrass upon death, which is an excellent decorative item if players are looking to create their own lake.

Players can breed turtles to get baby turtles, which yield scutes after growing up. Scutes are a highly useful item that can be crafted into the rare turtle helmet and the potion of the turtle master. This is a powerful potion that can reduce all damage taken up to 90 percent.

Turtle Eggs
Turtles lay eggs on the beach.

4. Pufferfish

Pufferfish are passive mobs found in oceans. They defend themselves by dealing damage and inflicting poison to nearby entities. If players are looking to create an unorthodox trap, building a moat filled with pufferfish is actually a pretty good idea.

Their attacks inflict the player/mob with two or five seconds of Poison based on the inflation level. Furthermore, collisions with the mob also deal extra damage separate from the poison.

Pufferfish is often underestimated.

5. Axolotl

An axolotl is a passive aquatic mob that attacks most other aquatic mobs. As they don't attack players, it is possible to keep them as pets using leashes. Having an army of axolotls is an easy way to effortlessly clean out an ocean monument.

Axolotl actually has quite a few hidden effects in combat. It removes Mining Fatigue if players kill a mob that's fighting against an axolotl.

Axolotl Colors
The five variants of the Axolotl

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