While Bedrock players have been able to enjoy 1.19 experimental features for quite a while, Java players have no such luxury. However, with the recent experimental snapshot release for 1.19, the wait is finally over. This snapshot includes a lot of new features, including the warden, deep dark caves, and more.

One of the most notable additions amongst them is the new enchantment called "Swift Sneak". In this article, we are going to showcase everything you need to know about the new Swift Sneak enchantment in Minecraft 1.19 The Wild Update.

1. About Swift Sneak

Swift Sneak is a boot enchantment that increases your movement speed while crouching. This enchantment can only be applied to boots and no other piece of armors can have it. Furthermore, Swift Sneak is also mutually exclusive with other popular boot enchantments such as Soul Speed, Frost Walker, or Depth Strider.

Swift Sneak
Swift Sneak on netherite boots

Similar to Soul Speed, Swift Sneak is going to be an exclusive enchantment of the Deep Dark biomes. Players can only find them in the giant creepy structures in the underground ancient cities.

There are 3 levels of this enchantment, with the speed boost increasing each level.

2. What are the uses of Swift Sneak

Stealth is a new mechanic in Minecraft that allows players to interact with the new Warden mob in the deep dark. They are dangerous blind creatures that react to the sound players made.

Minecraft Warden
The Warden in Minecraft

The only way to escape them is to crouch and sneak away, and this enchantment would greatly boost sneaking speed.

While there hasn't been any info about whether or not Swift Sneak can be acquired from traders or not, the latter is more likely. There are no other uses for this enchantment except for dealing with the Warden. Judging from its rarity, it is expected that Swift Sneak is going to be a treasure enchantment with no way of farming.

Minecraft Warden Not A Boss
Designs of Minecraft Warden

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