Creating a perfect base is amongst the most common things that all Minecraft players do. However, it is not as straightforward as you would believe. Besides the basics, players also need to acquire various advanced features in order to make their life easier.

In this article, we are going to list out the 5 things all survival bases need in Minecraft.

1. Workstation

The workstation is probably the most important room that you need to create right away. It is essentially the room with all the crafting blocks, where you can craft materials, repair tools, smelt ores, and more.

the Storage room
The storage room should be right next to the crafting room.

The workstation should be right next to your storage room so that you can grab material quickly. It should have a crafting table, several furnaces, a blast furnace, a smoker, and an anvil. Furthermore, you can also get a stone cutter, a grindstone, a smithing table, a loom, and other blocks that might prove to be useful.

2. Nether Portal

When you reach the mid game where you need to go to the Nether frequently, it is best to get a Nether Portal inside your base to cut down on travel time. Furthermore, building another portal inside the nether will also allow you to travel between two different places in the Overworld, allowing you to teleport from base to base.

Nether Portal
Nether portal is very useful.

To create a nether portal in Minecraft, players need 10 obsidian blocks to build a 5 by 4 portal frame. The corners of the frame can be other materials. To ignite the Portal, you need Flint and Steel or a Fire Charge to light up one of the bottom pieces of obsidian. The inside of the portal frame should light up with a purple glow - this means the portal is now active.

3. Brewing Area

The brewing area is your main hub for creating potions. They should have at least a brewing stand, a cauldron filled with water, several empty bottles, and various ingredients for brewing.

brewing room
Brewing room

It might be a good idea to have a nether wart garden nearby for easy access. They are the most important component in potions - you need a lot of them to create awkward potions. The cauldron can also be replaced with a water-logged stair. This is a special block that does not run out of water, which allows you to brew potions indefinitely.

4. Mineshaft

Having a Mineshaft near your base can make mining much faster and easier in the long run. With a mineshaft, players can acquire the needed crafting resources such as cobblestones, coal, and iron ores.

21w07a Mineshaft

There are a number of ways to create mineshafts, but the easiest one is to build a base near a cave system.

5. Trading Area

Trading is one of the more useful features in Minecraft to acquire items. Because of that, rounding up villagers, bringing them inside your base and creating a trading area is actually something you should definitely do. However, the process can be pretty time-consuming.

Trading Hall Villager
Trading Hall Villager

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