The Deep Dark caves along with its Ancient Cities were revealed quite a while ago, with the original plan being much smaller in scale. Since then, Mojang's plan for the Deep Dark has grown exponentially, with the whole 1.19 update dedicated toward it. In the recent Minecraft Java snapshot, they have revealed a number of new information about the main component of the Deep Dark, Ancient Cities.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase everything you need to know about Ancient City in Minecraft 1.19.

1. About Ancient City in Minecraft

Similar to Strongholds in terms of size, an Ancient City is a structure generated in the Deep Dark. It is a massive palace-like structure that stretches throughout the biome. The place contains many long corridors with wool floors (to prevent vibrations).

Ancient City in Minecraft
Ancient City in Minecraft

The corridors are mainly made of deepslate, with the frame being reinforced deepslate, a new unobtainable block. There are also some smaller ruins off to the side of the main corridors, each containing 1-2 loot chests.

At the center of the city is a large rectangular structure resembling a warden's head, made from reinforced deepslate. This location is likely to relate to the warden spawns.

2. What can you find in Ancient City?

Sculk Blocks

Players can find multiple small compartments with all types of sculk blocks, each with its own unique feature.

  • Block:  Generates naturally in the environment and from mob corpses around sculk catalyst. Spread similar to Mycelium.
  • Catalyst: Spread Sculk to other blocks.
  • Sensor: Detect vibrations and release a redstone signal.
  • Shrieker: Has the ability to 'shriek', which generates ring-like/sonic particles and gives the player the "darkness" effect. If activated too many times, a warden will spawn and attack the player.
  • Vein: Decorative block
Ancient Cities Sculk Shrieker Sculk Catalyst More
Sculk Shrieker

Various loot

The loot in Ancient City is designed around letting you avoid the warden. Players can find an exclusive enchantment called Swift Sneak here. This is a boot-only enchantment that muffles the sound of your footsteps, allowing you to sneak past the wardens without making any sounds.

Players can also find snowballs, which can be used to distract the warden.

Reinforced Deepslate

The frame of Ancient Cities is made by a new block called Reinforced Deepslate. They are extremely tough, as much as bedrock. Reinforced Deepslate can't be broken with any type of explosion, including wither.

Currently, these blocks can't be crafted, take more than a minute to mine, and do not drop as an item. Players can only acquire them in Creative mode.

Reinforced Deepslate
Reinforced Deepslate

3. Mob Spawning in Ancient City

Apparently, the only mob to spawn in Ancient Cities and Deep Dark caves are going to be the Warden. It is going to be aggressive against every mob and not just the player. This is probably a lore-related issue, with the Warden killing everything that moves.

Because of this, players can try summoning a Wither inside the city and let it battle the Wardens.

Minecraft Deep Dark Warden
Minecraft Deep Dark Warden

To avoid aggro-ing the Warden in Ancient Cities, it is best to sneak around and avoid Sculk Shriekers. These annoying trap blocks can summon Wardens when triggered.

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