Minecraft Trial Chamber will be released in Patch 1.21 around next month. It will be a dangerous chamber with various hostile mobs and hardcore challenges. But it's worth your trial because of abundant supplies. Here are the most essential items for survival in the Trial Chamber.

Survival Minecraft
Pack survival items in your luggage when exploring Minecraft Trial Chamber.

I. For Healing & Recovery

Firstly, you must have healing items for health recovery and life regeneration to survive in such a dangerous chamber. Let's bring the following items and use them wisely when exploring Minecraft Trial Chamber.

Items Usages How to get
Potions of instant health Restore 2 - 4 hearts for your character instantly. Use glistering melon to brew potions of instant health in the brew stand.
Golden apples Refill the food bar to make the heart regenerate automatically. Arrange one apple and eight gold ingots on the crafting table with the apple in the central grid to craft a golden apple.
Potions of regeneration Regenerate 9 - 27 hearts based on the level of the potion. Use a Ghast Tear to brew potions of generation in the brewing stand.
Milk Remove poison from spiders, bogged skeletons, and other poisonous mobs to prevent health erosion and keep the play alive. Use a bucket on cows to collect milk.
Heal Items
Healing items are the most important.

Bring these items to stay safe and alive when exploring trial chambers. Consume golden apples or potions of health to restore some hearts when you get light attacks. Or else, drink regeneration potions if your health is too low to engage in a trial spawner challenge. Bring some milk buckets to cure the poison, which can even kill an armored player gradually.

II. For Strength & Stamina

You also encounter many hostile mobs when exploring Minecraft Trial Chamber. Let's bring the following items for strength and stamina buffs with you when exploring it.

Items Usages How to get
Potions of strength Boost melee damage by 1.5 - 3 hearts in the Java edition and 30% to 69% with 0.5 - 0.65 hearts in the Bedrock edition. Use blade powder to brew this potion in the brewing stand.
  • Regenerate hearts
  • Increase stamina
  • Prevent starvation damage
Get food from domesticated mobs like chickens, pigs, cows, sheep, rabbits, etc., and crops.
  • Hit and kill enemies from distances to stay safe from their attacks.
  • Kill the floating mob, The Breeze, in Trial Chamber.
Put a flint, a stick, and a feather on a straight column on the crafting table.
Healing Items Minecraft
Bring more food for survival.

Bring more food and arrows than usual because Minecraft Trail Chamber may have more hostile mobs and threats than you think.

III. For Defense & Shield

Powerful attacks from hostile mobs in the Trial Chamber may kill Minecraft adventures in one hit and not give you time to recover your health. Therefore, the following items are essential to help you survive these dangerous enemies.

Items Usages How to get
Armadillo scute Place it on the tamed wolves to absorb damage. Brush the armadillo and it will drop scutes.
Shields Reduce the damage taken by your character to stay alive and survive longer. Arrange six wood planks in a Y-shape on the crafting table with an iron ingot on the top of the Y.
Backup armor Replace the broken armor set and continue to protect your character. Craft armor from gold, diamond, or iron on the crafting table.
Shield And Armor
Bring solid shields and armor.

Remember to prepare backup plans for your adventure because Trial Chamber is a new place in Minecraft 1.21. Many threats and dangers are still unknown. These are the most essential items to pack in your luggage for the adventure in Minecraft Trial Chamber 1.21. Stay tuned for more tips and tricks from pro players on Gurugamer.com.

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