Armadillo is the upcoming passive mob in the Tricky Trials patch. This mob will give you some essential crafting materials. Therefore, you should raise a herd of armadillos on your farm. Let's learn how to tame Armadillo Minecraft here.

Armadillo Minecraft Release Date

Armadillo is a part of the upcoming update 1.21 - the Tricky Trials patch. Therefore, it will arrive on the release date of that update. This next patch is planned to be released in June 2024. So, you can expect to see this new mob in mid-2024, when the new patch is released.

How To Breed Armadillos Minecraft
Armadillo mob in Minecraft

Where To Find Armadillo Minecraft

Armadillo Minecraft is a normal mob in the wild. You can find groups of one or three armadillos in the open areas in the desert biomes of the Minecraft world, such as:

  • Savanna biomes: savanna plateaus and windswept savannas;
  • Badland biomes: eroded badlands and wooded badlands.

This mob will curl inside its shell for self-defense and roll into a ball when you startle it. Therefore, you should approach it carefully to tame this wild mob.

Armadillo Biome
Armadillo often spawns in desert biomes.

How To Tame Armadillo Minecraft

Minecraft does not allow you to tame Armadillo. But you can feed and attack a lead to lure it to your base. Then, lead it to a steady cage or mob farm and pen armadillo inside to prevent it from escaping during breeding. Minecraft players are allowed to breed armadillos to produce adorable baby armadillos by following these steps:

  1. House two armadillos in a small cage to make them stay close to each other.
  2. Crouch-walk to approach them to avoid startling them.
  3. Feed armadillo couple with Spider Eyes until they enter the mating phase. You can see hearts appear above the mob couple when they start mating.
  4. Then, baby armadillos will appear and grow into adult armadillos after a few minutes.

You can raise this mob by feeding them with spider eyes which drops out after you kill spiders in Minecraft. Lead them to the larger cages to raise and expand your armadillo farms for instant sources of armadillo scutes.

Armadillo Minecraft Guide
You cannot tame armadillos in Minecraft

How To Get Armadillo Scutes In Minecraft

Armadillo Scutes are essential crafting materials for the wolf armor. It's also the most attractive property of this mob. Don't worry because you don't need to kill any armadillo for this mob drop. Just follow these simple steps to get this material.

  1. Approach an armadillo with a brush tool in your hand by crouch-walking towards the mob to avoid startling it.
  2. Click the Use button or right-click to use the brush on the aimed mob.
  3. Collect the scute dropped out after brushing the armadillo.
How To Tame Armadillo Minecraft
Armadillos will drop scutes for wolf armor.

That's how to get armadillo scutes in Minecraft. Though you cannot tame this mob in Minecraft, you can still build an armadillo farm to get unlimited scutes for crafting wolf armor.

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