What is the strongest block in Minecraft? There are several types of blocks that are considered strong or durable for various reasons in the game. Most players look for these blocks as they want to use something sturdy for their Minecraft builds.

If you also want to learn which are the strongest blocks in Minecraft, here's our top 6!

6. Obsidian and Crying Obsidian

How To Farm Obsidian
Strongest blocks in Minecraft: Obsidian and Crying Obsidian.

Obsidian stands out as one of the most renowned blocks for its strength. It is one of the oldest blocks in the game and requires a diamond or Netherite pickaxe for harvesting.

Crying obsidian is a newer addition. Despite that, it shares the durability of standard obsidian but cannot be crafted.

Obsidian remains the top choice for constructing structures resistant to explosions thanks to its impressive blast resistance and relative ease of finding and farming it in the game world.

5. Deepslate Brick

hardest blocks in minecraft
Although their strength can't be compared with bedrock or barriers, Deepslate Bricks are still among the strongest materials in Minecraft.

What's the strongest block in Minecraft?

Deepslate bricks are indeed strong and durable blocks in Minecraft. Not only that, their unique rugged look is aesthetic for many designs, such as futuristic builds.

They are crafted from deepslate, a variant of stone found deep underground in the game's world. Deepslate itself takes more sweat to mine than other stones as you will need at least an iron pickaxe in hand.

4. Ancient Debris

This rare block has high blast resistance and is used to craft netherite. Ancient Debris can also be used decoratively for solid builds.

Netherite Ingots Ancient Debris Minecraft 2
Ancient Debris is deemed the strongest material in Minecraft.

3. Command Blocks

Compared to other entries, Command Blocks can only be obtained via commands.

Though not too useful in survival, these blocks are unbreakable by players and explosions. Command blocks are ideal for building maps or servers without risking damage to your structures.

Minecraft Command Block
Command blocks look interesting and are also very strong.

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2. Bedrock

When mining, you'll inevitably encounter bedrock, which marks the bottom of the world. This block is unbreakable in survival mode, preventing falls into the void below.

FYI, it cannot be found naturally in chests for personal use. The only way for you to obtain or break Bedrock blocks is through creative commands. And it remains unharmed from explosions.

You can find it in the Nether and End as well. It is located on the top and bottom of the Nether, while in the End, it spawns only a few blocks.

Bedrock Block Minecraft
Though uncollectible, bedrock is plentiful in every world.

1. Barrier

What's the strongest block in Minecraft? Barrier is on the top of many players' lists.

Accessible only through commands, this block isn't needed in survival mode. Invisible and indestructible in survival mode, barriers are useful in creative mode for creating impenetrable boundaries. It lets you create invisible, unbreakable walls to prevent players from straying out of bounds or into undeveloped areas.

Moreover, its blast resistance is 0.8 times more than other materials of the same category.

Barrier Minecraft
How to get barrier blocks in Minecraft? Use the command "/give @p minecraft:barrier" in creative mode

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