Minecraft is a building game title, and one of the things its players love to do in its world the most is setting up houses for themselves. These designs are very diverse and you can just be creative with their sizes and styles.

While some home styles have their own fans, one of the most favorite ones is Minecraft futuristic base. Like its counterpart in real life, these builds also have advanced technology as well as practical automation features and modern visuals.

Minecraft How To Build A Futuristic Modern House
Check out the best futuristic Minecraft build here.

For those who want to have some inspiration for their futuristic Minecraft builds, here are the top 5 you can take a look at.

Futuristic Dome Home

This tutorial from Youtuber HexRegulus features a high-tech and space-age dome-styled base.

In order to build this house, you need quite a large number of blue stained glass. It’s the only setback of this structure as it can be a bit tedious to get such a huge amount of blue dye.

Futuristic Dome House
If you have a load of this resource in your pocket, making this house will be a great choice.

Futuristic Modern House

The next Minecraft futuristic base is made by the well-known Greg Builds on Youtube. It is stylish, practical, and cool, which is almost everything you need from a modern futuristic design.

Also, there are many different rooms found in this house. This is flawless if you want to share the house with friends or other players on the game servers.

Futuristic Modern House
The house looks modern like any innovative house in real life.

Regarding the construction costs, it is not expensive at all. Mostly, it requires a number of quartz stacks and other blocks that are not too challenging to get.

Simple Futuristic Starter House

Although this design from Youtuber GSHDFTW may be simple, it’s in fact a practical choice. It’s definitely built carefully for those who want to embark on the survival journey.

Another draw to this house is the fact that it does not require a lot of resources to construct. For beginners, it’s also effortless to follow.

Simple Futuristic Starter House
It may look simple, but it's very useful in survival.

Despite that, it does not mean it doesn’t have luxury and high-tech specs. You can find two floors, multiple different rooms, and even a space for your car.

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Ultimate Modern Base

One of the best futuristic Minecraft builds is made by TMSC – Minecraft. Its size contains a slew of separate rooms. Its features are also awe-inspiring.

Ultimate Modern Hous
Considering its size and complexity, it is indeed more costly than other picks on the list.

If you really want this house, you need obsidian, stained glass, wood, and quartz before beginning construction.

Futuristic Dome Mega House

This build is exclusively for players who are fond of futuristic dome style. The blueprint from AdieCraft shows a massive and unique-looking look.

This Minecraft futuristic mega base is also very well-known among Minecraft players.

Dome Mega Base
Sci-fi movie fans may love to build this Minecraft futuristic mega base.

It appears like something straight out of a sci-fi movie, but its practicality is undeniable. It has all the survival amenities you ever want and a space for an indoor farm if you love harvesting.

Mechanical Factory

Another detailed Minecraft futuristic base is this DiddiHD design that any vanilla player can build. The most outstanding look is that it resembles a huge machine. You can imagine the rings and the moving, spinning around at any time you like.

minecraft futuristic base
This structure looks like a factory in movies.

Besides, the main chamber's circular nature lets you alter the interior in different ways. You can either keep it as the massive chamber containing every possible machinery or divide the levels for more space overall.

Under The End

This works by Grian shows how creative you can go with a Minecraft futuristic house.

For the unknown, you just need to slay the Ender Dragon, then you can build a perfect home anywhere in this deep space.

This structure design uses the main End island and has a house hung underneath. This can be an out-of-ordinary place to hide your base. On the other hand, it also looks cool in the single-player world to live in a dangerous zone like that.

You can be safe from the Ender Dragon in case you want to battle it again.

Underwater Home

Do you know your Minecraft futuristic house can stay just as innovative when it's underwater? It is also very sci-fi indeed, especially when humans have explored only 20% of the ocean.

Underwater Home
A very special Minecraft futuristic base you can build.

Although this base is only seated in the shallows, it can be expanded or changed to a deeper area. The beacon atop works as an entry from the surface, while the primary chambers are very cozy. They let you look out on the ocean floor.

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