In the survival mode of Minecraft, there is a slew of items and blocks that players can obtain. Switching to creative mode may make it even easier to get these, although a few of them can only be collected using commands.

After activating cheats or becoming a server operator, you can access a lot of commands. Using the /give commands is one of the most favorite activities as it can offer the player any block or item in the game.

You will be able to get these secret blocks and items with the setblock and give commands. Check out the 5 items and blocks that are only up for grabs using cheats.

Cheat Block
What are the best Minecraft cheat blocks and items you can get?

1. Barrier block

One of the most iconic Minecraft cheat blocks is the barrier block. You can obtain it in both Bedrock and Java Edition.

For the unknown, barrier blocks are invisible and do not let any user get through.

Barrier Block
Only players who are holding a Barrier Block will be able to see others.

As they are not visible, server admins and map creators usually use these to keep players away. You can only spot barrier blocks when you are holding one in your hands.

2. Knowledge book

This is an exclusive item to Java Edition and also one of the few items that can be connected via the /give command. Knowledge books have a similar design to other blocks, the only difference is its green texture.

You can use knowledge books to store item recipes and have them explain them to you when you read them. This is definitely helpful on multiplayer servers and adventure maps.

Knowledge Book
Knowledge books are helpful on adventure maps and multiplayer servers.

3. Command block

Command blocks must be one of the best Minecraft blocks. They come in three different kinds: regular, repeating, and chain command block. They can execute every command in a much better manner.

These are useful in crafting special structures, such as a perfect circle in Minecraft.

Minecraft Command Block
Command blocks are needed in many crafting processes.

4. Light block

The game has a slew of light sources, varying from costly beacons to inexpensive torches. However, we have not seen any adjustable light block in Minecraft until now. The Caves & Cliff update, luckily, added a new flexible source of light called light blocks.

Most players love to use it thanks to its invisible nature. You can utilize light blocks to light up their realistic builds in Minecraft without worrying about the source being hidden.

Light Block Command
Light Block Command

5. Debug stick

Many blocks in Minecraft have different block states. For instance, you can rotate the stairs at disperse angels, waterlogged… You can use debug sticks to alter the state or property of a block.

A debug stick is often used by Minecraft builders who want some blocks to be in a certain position. Unfortunately, amongst Minecraft cheat blocks, it is only accessible in Java Edition.

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