Horse armor is a special type of armor that players can equip to a horse. Amongst them, the diamond variant is probably the strongest and also the hardest to find. In this article, we are going to showcase everything you need to know about horse armor and how to get horse armor in Minecraft.

1. About horse armor in Minecraft


Horse armor decreases damage done to horses when hit by a melee attack or a ranged attack from the player or another mob. Only normal horses can wear this - other ridable creatures such as donkeys, mules and skeleton/zombie horses cannot be equipped with armor.

Minecraft Horse Armor
Minecraft Horse Armor

Wearing horse armor does not decrease the fall damage a horse takes or its movement speed. Unlike normal armor, horse armor does not have durability and can be worn indefinitely.


Leather, Iron, Gold and Diamond horse armor provide 3, 5, 7 and 11 armor, respectively. Horse armor cannot be enchanted in Survival mode, however, players can use an anvil to enchant it with Thorns, Depth Strider, Feather Falling, Respiration, and Curse of Vanishing in Creative.

While other enchantments can still be applied, they are bugged and have no effect.

2. How to get diamond horse armor in Minecraft?

Unlike normal armors, players can only craft leather horse armor. Other horse armor types can only be looted from either chests or generated structures.

Diamond Horse Armor
Diamond Horse Armor in Minecraft

Diamond horse armors spawn in chests in Dungeon, Desert Temple, End City, Jungle Temple, Nether Fortress, Stronghold and Village weaponsmith. Amongst these locations, the best place to find this item is the Nether Fortress, with a 11.8% chance to spawn.

How to locate a Nether Fortress

If you create your nether portal near your spawn point in the Overworld, the portal on the other side will be near the world center in the Nether. Explore the 4 regions surrounding it first to try to find a Nether Fortress: northwest, northeast, southwest and southeast directions. A Fortress will not spawn in a zone that already has a Bastion.

Minecraft Nether Fortress
The hellish landscape in a Minecraft Nether Fortress

Cheats to find Nether Fortress

  • If you have the seed of your world you can enter it into a number of online apps that will show you where all the nether fortresses in your world are.
  • If you are annoyed with trying to find a nether fortress and have cheats turned on, you can run the command /locate fortress which will return the coordinates of the nearest nether fortress.

3. How to get Gold and Iron horse armor?

Players can find these armors in the same place as Diamond horse armors, however, the Gold horse armor also spawns in Ruined portal chests. As these armors are not as good as diamonds, they have a higher spawn rate.

golden horse armor
Golden horse armors in Minecraft

The best place to find Iron horse armors is the Dungeon, with a 22% chance to spawn in chests. On the other hand, players can find the Golden horse armors in Nether Fortress, at the same place as the Diamond version. However, its spawn rate is much higher, at 29.1%.

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