Minecraft Bedrock has a lot of generated materials, one of which is gold. Although it has a high value and importance in real life, the same may not apply in the game.

Other materials like ancient debris, diamonds, and even iron are on the top spot and sadly gold does not enter the league.

However, we can’t deny the uses of Minecraft gold. If used correctly, it can be excellently useful material. Check out the top 5 uses of Minecraft gold in Bedrock version 2022 righ below.

Minecraft Gold
Gold can be used for many purposes in Minecraft Bedrock.

1. Crafting Netherite

As gold armor and tools are amongst the weakest materials in Minecraft, players may find their usefulness quite underwhelming.

But if weapons made of gold seem not good enough, you can use gold to make a new and more formidable component in Minecraft Bedrock. Netherite is the most robust material that can only be made with gold ingots.

If you don't want to use gold, use it to make netherite ingot instead.

To obtain a netherite ingot, you need to combine four netherite scraps and four gold ingots.

2. Bartering

Gold in Minecraft is uncommon and can be found underground in the form of ores. You can mine it anywhere between Y level 32 and -64.

However, with gold, you can go deeper and collect even more valuable items. Players can make a deal with Piglins by exchanging with them.

After the player gives a golden ingot to the Piglins, they will give you a random item. Among all Piglin trade items, you have a chance to get many rare stuff and this proves one of the best Minecraft gold uses.

Piglin Minecraft
Using gold will earn you rare items from piglin bartering.

3. Crafting Powered Rails

Besides, gold can craft powered rails which help users make an entirely automated rail system in Minecraft. Combine gold ingots, redstone dust, and sticks and you will habe powered rails. Using these items will help you decrease and increase the minecart’s speed to your will.

Powered Rail
Powered rails are an essential item in Minecraft and they cannot be made without the help of gold.

4. Making Golden Apple

In case you can’t find any golden apples in the looting chest, you can make them using gold ingots. Players can craft a golden apple using eight golden ingots and a common apple.

With this method, you can get several golden apples in one sitting only by using gold.

5. Crafting Golden boots for Nether

New players may be attacked by Piglins as they enter the Nether realm. They can prevent this by wearing a golden armor piece. Piglins will not come at players who have gold on their body.

Among these pieces, golden boots are most recommended because they have the least effect on the whole armor protection. Although golden boots may be weaker, they are the true life saver when it comes to roaming around in the Nether.

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