How Minecraft mobs behave towards players depend on their natures. They may attack on-sight or choose peace, and the only way to make sure you can keep yourself safe is learning their type of interactions.

In the meantime, the Villagers are amongst the most humanlike and useful mobs in the game. You can trade with them and get some rarest items. For the unknown, the Villagers can decide their own job and their trades also rely on what profession they choose.

Check out the best jobs for Villagers in Minecraft and what treasures they drop.

1. Librarian

  • Trade items: Enchanted Books, bookshelves, lanterns
Librarian Minecraft
The Librarians are definitely the most popular type of villager in Minecraft.

The best profession for a Villager is the Librarian because of the rarity of the items that may drop. They have a chance of giving players Enchanted Books. Enchanted Books, which you can use to enchant items and tools to strengthen them, are indeed the rarest goodie in Minecraft.

Besides, you can give them paper in exchange for Emeralds. How efficient is that?

2. Cleric

  • Trade items: redstone, ender pearls, enchanting/potion ingredients
A cleric is a great source of ender pearls, but they only offer these when they have Expert career level.

The Clerics are magical villagers who can give players multiple mystic items as well as rare components. They sell various stuff like redstone dust, Ender pearls, glowstone dust along with some of the greatest potion materials and enchanting potions.

3. Cartographer

  • Trade items: Woodland Mansion map, Ocean explorer maps
Cartographer best jobs for Villagers in Minecraft
Being an underwhelmed villager, the Cartographer is actually useful in important cases.

At first, being a Cartographer does not seem like a great job for a Villager. However, it is designed for good use. They normally sell blank paper and maps at a not very good cost. Upon leveling up, meanwhile, they will have a rare chance of giving you a map to a Woodland Mansion.

Woodland Mansion surely has a lot of good stuff to get once you are able to defeat it and this structure seems nearly impossible to find with no map.

4. Farmer

  • Trade items: crops, dishes like pumpkin, pumpkin pie, melon, wheat, bread, apples, beetroots, potatoes, emeralds, other seeds
The Farmer offers a wide range of items to players who trade with it.

Despite sounding quite common, the Farmer is indeed one of the best jobs for Villagers in Minecraft. It offers the players a lot of perks such as great sources of items. They give you fruits, bread, and even exotic foods like Cakes and Cookies.

You can stock up these materials even better if you know how to breed Villagers.

5. Fletcher

  • Trade items: bows, arrows, flint, and Tipped Arrows

The Fletcher is an exotic Villager that can be transformed using a Fletching Table.

This kind of Villager only sells Arrows, Flint, and Feathers to players. In fact, this feature that makes them great is the sold tipped arrows can have a range of strong effects that assist you in defeating strong mobs.

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