Minecraft version 1.8 brings many stunning caves and cliffs to the game. You can build some cool and stunning structures insides these caves. Here are the top cool and splendid cave structures in Minecraft 1.18 you can try.

#1. Cave Castle

Update 1.8 brings a lot of caves, including spacious and high caves that are large enough to build a castle or the whole city inside. But these caves are often dark because the sunlight cannot reach these underground caves. Therefore, you should craft torches and lamps to light up your castle and city. Let's find a giant cave and build an enormous castle.

A Castle In The Cave
A stunning castle in the cave

#2. Cave Temple

Apart from the cave castle, you can also build a big temple inside Minecraft 1.18 caves. There are many large and stunning caves, such as lush caves where you can build a stunning temple inside. You can build a mysterious and spooky cave temple with chests, traps, and secret rooms. You can make a dark and mysterious atmosphere for your temple, don't make too many lamps and torches.

Stunning Cave Temple
A stunning cave temple

#3. Enchanting Cave Room

Enchanting room is another cool and splendid cave structure in Minecraft 1.18. Apart from some large caves, you can find some small lush caves in the new version. You can turn these small caves into enchanting rooms by placing faint lights, wooden tables, beds, bookshelves, fireplaces, and other decorations to give the room a cozy feeling. You can also make the door frame to the entrance of the cave to make the room look better.

Cozy Room In Lush Cave
A cozy room in the lush cave

#4. Lush Cave Cozy Hut

The lush cave is a stunning and charming biome in the current version. You can build a beautiful and cozy hut inside these lush caves. Find the cave with splendid glowing grow berries to build a small and warm hut to live in the caves when you go exploring the cave. You can also build a cozy cave hut as a place to relax. give the hut the warm light to give it a home feeling.

Lush Cave Cozy Hut
A cozy hut in the Lush Cave

#5. Simple Cave Storage Base

You can also build an underground storage base to keep valuable chests and precious items. The current update introduces many deep caves that go until Y level -64. You can turn them into secret storage rooms underground. Place shelves, chests, crafting tables, chairs, lamps, and torches to decorate and make it look like a working basement.

Underground Basement
Underground basement

There are many other structures that you can build in Minecraft caves in version 1.18. Bring the crafting table to the cave to craft items while building your city or castle.

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