Having a light source is very important in Minecraft. It can help your base be illuminated and prevent mobs from spawning around you. There are many light sources in Minecraft and one of them is the lantern. There 2 types of lanterns in Minecraft: a regular lantern and a soul lantern. Both of them are pretty easy to craft and here is how you can do it.

How to make a lantern in Minecraft

Required materials:

  • Torch
  • 8 Iron Nuggets

Follow the steps by step guide below to make a lantern in Minecraft:

  • To make a torch, you need a stick a coal. Open the crafting table, put a coal in and a stick right below it. You will get 4 torches each time you craft.
Torch Minecraft
Crafting recipe for a torch in Minecraft.
  • To get iron nuggets, you only need 1 iron ingot. Put 1 iron ingot into the crafting table to get 9 iron nuggets.
Iron Nuggets
You can get 9 iron nuggets from an iron ingot.
  • Once you have mustered all the materials, put 1 torch in the middle slot of the crafting table and fill the remaining slots with 1 iron nugget each.
Lantern Minecraft
Crafting recipe for a lantern in Minecraft.
  • Put the lantern into your inventory to finish crafting.

Now, if you want to make a soul lantern, you just need to replace the torch with a soul torch. To craft a soul torch, you just need to add a soul sand on the top slot above the stick while crafting to make a soul torch.

Soul Torch
Add a soul sand on top to make a soul torch.

The soul lantern is the same as the normal lantern with the same light level of 15, except that it has a blue texture on it.

Soul Lantern
A soul lantern has a blue texture on it instead of a yellow texture.

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