Ancient debris is one of the most sought-after resources in Minecraft, as they are the only way players can get Netherite items. However, they can only be found in the Nether and is rather hard to mine. In this article, we are going to showcase the various ways to farm Ancient debris fast in Minecraft 1.18.

There are three popular methods of farming Ancient debris: strip-mining, bed and TNT.

1. Strip/branch mining

This is the traditional method of mining. By using a diamond pickaxe with Efficiency II or higher, players can mine netherrack instantly. Because of this, it is possible to mine while maintaining sprint if you stay at a proper angle.

Strip/branch mining
Strip/branch mining

Generally, just mine in one direction until hit lava then pick another direction. Overall, it is highly recommended to bring a couple of fire resistance potions for emergency measures against lava. In comparison with the other methods of mining, strip/branch mining is very resource-efficient as they only require tool and food. Players can go about 12 blocks per second using this method.

Additional notes:

  • It is recommended to have Unbreaking III and Mending on the pickaxe.
  • Mining the quartz found along the way to mend the pickaxe.
  • Mark the original coordinate when you started mining so that you can find your way back.

2. Bed mining

As ancient debris has a high blast resistance, it is a good idea to mind it using explosions devices. Incidentally, players can get free explosions by trying to use a bed in the Nether. Bed explosions, while dangerous, are good and cheap.

Bed mining
Bed mining with explosions

Firstly, mine your way down to Y = 15, as there will be the highest concentration of ancient debris in the exposed blocks. Craft a number of beds then mining a tunnel. Every 16th block, mine 1x2x5 tunnels (1 block wide, 2 blocks high and 5 blocks long) perpendicular to your main tunnel.

Place a bed in the side tunnel with the head of the bed facing the main tunnel. Trigger it then run away to avoid the explosion. Come back afterward to get all the ancient debris blocks. Rinse and repeat this process.

Additional notes:

  • The bed has an explosion power of 5, so you need to be 6 blocks from it.
  • Just remember to bring protection items such as Totems of Undying, Armor enchanted with Blast Protection and Potions of Fire Resistance and you are good to go.

3. TNT/End Crystal Mining

TNTs and End Crystals are explosive items that work the same as a bed. Therefore, players can pretty much apply the same steps to mine using TNT. However, as TNTs can be triggered from afar, the farming process is much quicker and less dangerous.

TNT/End Crystal Mining
TNT/End Crystal Mining

The only drawback is that you might need a gunpowder farm or two to sustain the amount of TNT consumption. End Crystals are even more expensive, however, their explosions are the biggest and therefore have the highest chance to reveal debris.

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