Although huge builds are a spectacle to see, Minecraft can also facilitate smaller castle designs by its dedicated base of builders.

Huge structures definitely make the viewers overwhelmed, but the smaller castles can also be a sight to behold. Small Minecraft castles have been designed by a dedicated base of players and they come in different forms. You can use your own creativity and build up a structure with the available materials.

In case you want some designs to take reference from, you can take a look at these 5 easy castle ideas in Minecraft. They not only look great but also keep you safe from various circumstances.

1. Compact Survival Castle (Mr. Smoose)

The best amongst the easy castle ideas in Minecraft 2022 is this survival build, made of wool, wood, cobblestones, and stone bricks. It can provide plenty of room inside and the lanterns offer good lighting.

As this castle build has yet included interior adornment, you can learn to build its structures and walls, then fill it with things you want to add in.

Compact Survival Castle By Mr Smoose
Go wild and creative with the inside of this easy castle design!

2. Mountaintop Castle (BigTonyMC)

The latest 1.18 update may be the best opportunity to craft a sky-touching castle. This version has increased the height of the building as well as the mountain peaks. Imagine a castle on a mountain peak, it would be a great keep.

With some blackstone, spruce wood, and basic stone, you can set up a castle that owns a breathtaking view of the surroundings thanks to its high position.

Mountaintop Castle By Bigtonymc
You can take some references from Mountaintop Castle by Bigtonymc to build structures on the height.

3. Small Castle (TheMythicalSausage)

Adding a chimney, kitchen, a bedroom, and a horse stable, you will find almost anything you need in this castle for the Minecraft Survival mode venture.

Moreover, it is easy to make with accessible materials like stone bricks, stone slabs, and cobblestones. You can also see wooden accents surrounding the roof, outer perimeter, and entrance.

Although it cannot house a large number of people, those who are solo players will find this castle a great pick.

Small Castle By Themythicalsausage
Solo players will love to have this castle for themselves.

4. Classic Medieval Castle (MagmaMusen)

This Classic Medieval one is also among the easy castle ideas in Minecraft as it’s mainly made of cobblestone, stone bricks, and some mossy stone bricks. With a central courtyard, the design looks even more compact.

You can don a defensive moat for this design and freely customize the banner and wool tones to your preference.

In fact, this is not just a homely castle but also a good structure for Factions Wars or Capture the Flag situations.

5. Simple Survival Castle (Nexy)

Constructed in the Survival Mode to clearly showcase the building process, the simple castle by Nexy is quite visually-pleasing. It can also meet the requirements for players’ basic necessities.

Apart from the kitchen, a bedroom, and stables, this design also features an exciting room for those who want to improve their tools and gear. It might look small but the inside presents a one-stop shop that every player would find entertaining and useful.

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