Amongst the resources in Minecraft, the dragon breath is probably the most dangerous item to farm. They can only be acquired from the Ender dragon and nowhere else. In this article, we are going to showcase how to farm dragon breath in Minecraft and its various uses.

Dragons Breath Minecraft 3e3c
The dragon attack is actually a pretty valuable resource that you can farm.

1. How to farm Dragon Breath in Minecraft

The dragon's breath can be obtained by scooping up the ender dragon's attack residue into an empty bottle by right clicking the pool with the bottle equipped. This means outside of the dangerous process of collecting the breath, players can farm it for as long as they want.

Dragons Breath
Put the cloud inside your bottle.

Just find end portals inside nether strongholds, get to the End then confront the Ender dragon. There are 2 variants of its attack that can spawn Dragon breath, the breath attack and the fireball attack:

  • Dragon fireballs are special fireballs that the Ender dragon fires while strafing. As they deal no impact damage, using bottles on them is probably the easiest.
  • In order to trigger the breath attack, you must get close to the dragon, which is not recommended.

2. How to spawn the Ender Dragon in Minecraft

If you have already killed the Ender Dragon in your world, it must be resurrected for you to farm the breath again.

To respawn the Ender dragon, players need to place four End Crystals on the end exit portal, one on each of the flat sides. Afterward, the crystals would respawn the original end crystals on the obsidian pillars, as well as resurrect the dragon itself, and explode. The top of each pillar also explodes, destroying any player-placed blocks.

spawn the Ender Dragon
Spawn the Ender Dragon using Ender Crystals

To craft end Crystals, players need an Eye of Ender, a Ghast Tear and 7 Glass blocks. Eye of Ender can be crafted using blaze powder and ender pearl while Ghast tears drop from Ghasts.

3. How to use Dragon Breath in Minecraft?

Dragon Breath is the main component to turn splash potions into lingering potions in Minecraft. In order to make a splash potion, players need to add gunpowder to normal potions.

Various effects can be added to lingering potions, including poison, strength, invisibility, and more. The best part is that the effect is refreshable multiple times, as long as the cloud with the effect is on the ground.

Dragon Breath in Minecraft
Lingering potions in Minecraft

The effect may be applied consecutively if the player or mob remains in the cloud. For example, a player throwing the Lingering Potion of Healing II straight down consumes the cloud within a few seconds while being healed 5 times for a total of 20 × 10 health. As far as healing is concerned, this makes the lingering potion much more powerful than the regular or splash potion, provided that the player is away from other mobs or players.

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