Minecraft is an easy game, however, it is also pretty time-consuming. To cut down on this, players need to be as efficient as possible. In this article, we are going to showcase the top 10 tips to avoid wasting resources in Minecraft Survival.

1. Avoid using iron pickaxes to mine stone

Try to bring a couple of stone pickaxes while mining, or at least the material for them and a crafting table. While mining stone with iron pickaxes is fast, they consume a lot of durabilities, which can be pretty annoying in the early game.

use the right tool for certain jobs
It is best to use the right tool for certain jobs.


2. Smelt logs into charcoal for efficient fuel

It is vital that you split logs into planks or slabs to make charcoal. They are the most efficient fuel source you can find in Minecraft. One log split into planks (Java Edition) or slabs (Bedrock) can make enough fuel to smelt several more logs into charcoal, each of which provides 8 operations.

3. Don't mine with the wrong tool

Avoid using wooden and gold tools. In the early game, stick with stone and iron tools. The former can mine iron, lapis lazuli, coal, and copper, while the latter can mine pretty much everything except for obsidian or ancient debris. It is recommended that you use stone and iron tools for most common tasks.

Diamond and Netherite tools are valuable so you should try to avoid wasting their durability early on.

Minecraft Diamond Pickaxe
Bring multiple set of tools to switch them around.

4. Use the right tools on leaves, grass, vines, and flowers

Using a tool on leaves or other items similar to it is a bad idea, because it will drain the durability pretty fast. If the player will be cutting through a lot of leaves or cobwebs, they may choose to make a few disposable stone swords to use as machetes.

5. Disposing of less valuable items

Try to store less valuable items somewhere instead of throwing them away. Every item in the game has its uses - even almost seemingly useless items may come in handy later in the game. Chests are cheap to craft.

6. Avoid wasting experience

Try to enchant as soon as possible, since the player will never be able to enchant anything at a level higher than 30. After that point, much of the experience gained would be lost and wasted. Even worse, if the player dies, the majority of their experience is lost permanently.

7. Overloading enchantments

Avoid overloading enchantments - you might not be able to repair a tool if it cost too much. It is best to get a Mending Enchantment before stacking up too much buff on your gear, weapon, or tools.

Shovel Enchantment
Avoid stacking enchantments until you have Mending.

8. Avoid carrying too many unnecessary items

It is best to store anything you don't absolutely need every time you visit your base and leave with inventory as small as possible. This allows players to collect more items on their journey and cut down the time spent walking back and forth.

9. Create your base with the right material

Wherever you are, make sure your base cannot be destroyed by endermen (particularly in the warped forest or the End), as they can pick up some blocks. Furthermore, stick with strong and blast-resistant materials so that neither creepers nor griefers can blow it up.

Underwater Base Minecraft
Build your base with the right material.

10. Craft coal blocks into coal first for efficiency

One coal block is able to burn 80 items, which means if you do not have 80 items to smelt, some coal would be wasted. Therefore, when burning coal blocks, it is best to break them down for easier and more efficient usage.

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