Minecraft players have every possibility to make almost whatever they want in the game. On another hand, building in the Pocket Edition is quite tedious as the control buttons on mobile screens are small.

But this will be a big problem as there are many simple builds you can create even on the ever-difficult Minecraft Pocket Edition. They don’t need too many resources and can be effortlessly made even with the on-screen controls. Check the easiest builds in Minecraft PE 2022 you can make below.

1 - Fountain

One of the simplest structures you can craft in Minecraft as you do not need any special item or tool to make one.

A fountain in Minecraft looks great and is not hard to build.

While it is simple, it can elevate the whole appearance of the area that it is built on. The fountain can infuse an aesthetic and zen look that every player would want to put in their bases.

2 - Bubble column water elevator

While it may sound like a complexity, making a bubble column water elevator is not that hard to make. You just need a magma block and a soul sand block (in the Nether).

Once you have collected these materials, just get some water and some kelp to put this structure up. While the blocks of soul sand push them upwards, the magma block would pull them down when needed.

Bubble Column Water Elevator
Those who are not afraid of heights will love this design.

3 - Bridge

A bridge is amongst the easiest builds in Minecraft PE 2022 and it’s very useful, too. This construction can connect two areas and it can also enhance the place’s aesthetic. And you don’t have to put too much effort to make it.

Using wood, stone, and iron, a dainty passageway is created in no time. Minecraft users can also make the bridge floors using an unlit campfire with a good texture.

4 - Starter house

Houses are seen everywhere in Minecraft and any gamer would want to create one for themselves out of any block that they want. Don’t be threatened by the grand and extravagant structures you usually see.

The look and design of each house depend on the taste of each player, but not many efforts are necessary to put up a modest house.

Starter House
You can totally put up a small shack and call it home, initially.

5 - Farm

Farming is also an important aspect of the game as players need to get as much food and building resources as possible. You can craft a lot of different farms from manual to fully automatic ones.

Building a farm is not hard either. Just use a hoe, some seeds, and a patch of dirt and it will do.

Minecraft Auto Farm 2
Farms are the easiest builds in Minecraft PE that every player cannot live without.

These structures are very simple to build even on Pocket Edition, and users playing on mobile can also make them with ease. Although constructing fancy structures on Pocket Edition can be strenuous, it can still be possible.

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