Minecraft players have multiple ways to decorate their own homes. From adding simple but exotic frog lights to making glowing carpets, the game proves how its players leave no stones unturned when it comes to building the best base with a distinguished taste.

Besides, we can usually see a fireplace that gives off the warming light in a cozy cottage or even from the focal points of lush living rooms.

The addition of Minecraft fireplace gives us the ability to practically use and safely include it in our design. Check out some of the simplest and best Minecraft fireplace ideas you may want to take on.

Fire Spread
These fireplace designs in Minecraft are seamless to make and won't set your home on fire.

“Viewable on all sides” fireplace

The first fireplace Minecraft design is one you can make inside your home. It has a 3x3 structure and is viewable on every side.

1. Put Nether bricks and nether brick stairs on the floor to create a platform in the center of the room.

Fireplace Platform
Make a platform using Nether bricks and Nether brick stairs.

2. Place a fire, aka a campfire block, in the middle.

3. Surround the Minecraft campfire with white glasses to prevent fire from spreading and for aesthetic views.

The white stained glass panes can complement the light wood flooring.

Campfire In Glass Stain
Any Minecraft fireplace tutorial can't be complete without campfire blocks.

4. Next, place a block of nether brick on the top of the fireplace.

5. Surround the nether brick with nether brick stairs.

Nether Bricks To Make Chimney
Don't forget to make a chimney to hide the smoke.

6. From this step, all that is left to do is pillaring it up with nether brick blocks in the middle to emulate a chimney.

How to make a fireplace in Minecraft is this easy. With only four kinds of materials and you have had a transparent fireplace that only takes a three-by-three space.

Viewable Fireplace
The last product will look like this.

In-n-out fireplace

Don’t mistake it with the famous fast-food brand. This fireplace Minecraft design bears this name because it can be seen from both inside and outside of your base. We will use a glass wall for the structure.

1. First, create a glass wall with the height you like.

2. Take out the middle five blocks at the bottom three rows, and only three at the top to separate the rest of the chimney.

In N Out Fireplace Frame
Players will love this 5-block wide and 3-block deep fireplace for how modern and realistic it looks.

3. Set the Polished Andesite blocks in the middle and put three fires on top.

Polished Andesite Blocks And Campfire
Place campfires on the polished andesite blocks.

4. Next, surround the bottom with white concrete blocks, all the way around the inside and outside of your building.

White Concrete Surrounding
White concrete blocks are needed in this case, but you can get creative with other colors if possible.

5. Now, put more white concrete blocks beside and on top of the fire, and fill in the box in front of and behind the fire using light stained gray glass.

Light Gray Stained Glass Pane
Surround the fire with glass panes and concrete blocks to prevent it from spreading.

6. Cover it with white concrete blocks and pull up more of them to the top to hide chimney smoke.

After all these steps, you will get a nice two-sided fireplace with a modern chimney up into the ceiling area. You can take a look at it be it in or out of the house.

Two Sided Fireplace
A fireplace you can view from both sides of the house.

The one thing you do not need to worry about is that our Minecraft fireplace tutorial is all safe. Players won’t have to see their hard-earned structures set on fire and burned to ashes following these designs.

Soul fire fireplace

As Soul Fire does not spread, they will not burn nearby blocks and you will manage to make a safe fireplace that won’t burn your house down.

On another hand, the light blue colors of the Soul Fire can add a touch of aesthetics to the design.

Follow the following steps and you will end up with a vision to behold.

1. Dig a 2x4 model on the ground.

2. Fill the top row with two blocks of soul soil and two Soul Fires on top.

Soul Fire
Using soul fire will ensure you a non-flaming fireplace.

3. With the bottom row, place two polished blackstones in the middle and two polished basalt blocks on the gap on the sides.

4. Now, you must put 2 chiseled nether bricks on the sides of Soul Fires and top them all the way up with Polished Blackstone Bricks.

Polished Blackstone
Use a lot of polished blackstones for your design to create a cool look.

5. Use Nether brick stairs and Nether brick slabs to make a kind of shelf on the front side of the fireplace.

6. Place Iron Bars surrounding the front of the soul fires.

You can add Soul Lanterns, make some Paintings, and Crimson Trapdoors to complete your mystic-looking design.

Soul Fire Fireplace
From these Minecraft fireplace ideas, you can go wide with more designs for various occasions.

With similar materials and a bit of addition, you can totally create more complex and visually pleasing fireplaces in Minecraft. You can take a look at this video for more references.

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