Minecraft has every kind of block that you can use to build construction. from dirt blocks to the versatile Redstone ore, you can get creative with a large slew of substances. However, many may find keeping track of these blocks quite overwhelming and one of the most prominent examples is Minecraft lodestone.

Players who want to dominate Minecraft will have to step into the treacherous Nether and End realms. Lodestone will come in handy at these moments but it can only be found in few places. Therefore, follow our guide and you won't find this a hassle anymore.

Lodestone in Minecraft is a rare and sought-after block.

Lodestone Minecraft Use

What does the lodestone do in Minecraft? You can use a lodestone to make a compass work as the sole Minecraft compass itself cannot work in the realms of End or the Nether.

Normally, the compass twists and turns when in these realms. However, using a lodestone and the player will be able to mark key locations that they want such as portals, bastions, or end cities.

Lodestone Compass
What does the lodestone do in Minecraft? You can use it with a compass to make a special compass variant.

The resources in each of these spots are essential for you to progress throughout the game. With the myriads of environmental threats and fatal enemies, it is easy to get lost and a Minecraft lodestone is just the solution you need.

How To Make A Lodestone In Minecraft

There are two methods to acquire a block of lodestone: getting it from a chest or making one in the Inventory.

To obtain a lodestone in a chest, you have to find a bastion remnant in the Nether. These castles spawn almost all Nether biome, except basalt deltas. All bastion remnants surely have one lodestone at least. The lodestone Minecraft will always spawn in the top part of the central rampart.

Crafting a lodestone is much more complex considering the rarity of its materials.

1. How to craft a lodestone in Minecraft

Making a Minecraft lodestone block requires 8 chiseled stone bricks and 1 Netherite ingot. Place the Netherite ingot in the center of the crafting grid while the chiseled stone bricks must be put around the Netherit ingot.

How To Make A Lodestone Minecraft Recipe
Place the Netherite ingot in the middle of 8 chiseled brick stones.

And that's how you can make a lodestone. Although the process is easy, the materials are not straightforward to have.

2. Where to find lodestone materials

While chiseled stones are among the many types of stone bricks in the game, Netherite ingots are quite rare and often used in making the strongest units in Minecraft. Here's how you can get these components.

  • Netherite ingots: 4 gold ingots + 4 netherite scraps

For the netherite scraps, players must get them from the ancient debris which can be seen in bastion chests or in groups of 1-3 between “Y” level 8 and 22.

Use at least a diamond pickaxe to acquire the ancient debris. Each debris can be smelt into one netherite scrap. Meanwhile, the odd to take ancient debris from a treasure room chest is quite low: 2%. Looking underground is more recommended to make an ingot.

To get a netherite ingot, you must have four gold ingots. Search underground in the overworld for some gold speckled ore, then smelt it in a furnace. Take the scraps and ingots and put them into a crafting table.

Netherite Ingot
Creating a netheite ingot may take some time, but it's a critical meterial.

Place these ingredients in the crafting grid with a random arrangement. You will be awarded a netherite ingot shortly after.

  • Chiseled stone bricks: Cobblestones

Making chiseled stone bricks needs some cobblestone smelted in a furnace. Put the stone into a crafting table in a 2x2 grid to craft stone bricks.

Another step is making slabs out of these fresh stone bricks, then placing 2 stone brick slabs in the 3x3 crafting grid to create chiseled stone bricks.

Chiseled Stone Bricks
A Minecraft lodestone needs 8 chiseled stone bricks, but you can make more for other cases.

For the unknown, they can also find chiseled stone bricks in igloo basements or jungle temples.


Apart from how to make a Minecraft lodestone, below is the more thorough trivia you need for your game

1. How to make a lodestone compass

Place the lodestone like any other block in the game. Then, interact with it while you are holding a compass. Doing this and the compass will turn into a lodestone compass, pointing wherever the lodestone is. You can use this method to mark any spot in the world that you aspire to come back to.

In case the lodestone is broken, the compass will spin and can't be used any longer.

2. Can you place multiple lodestones?

A compass points to only one lodestone at a time. Therefore, players can equip multiple compasses and have them point to different lodestones in different locations.

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