Every time Minecraft comes up with grand updates, it's an eventful period for every player. Fans always anticipate to witness more new features coming up. For example, the Wild Update is bound to be released this year and one of the features is Frog Light. Do you know that this is a very interesting block that can help you crank the game up a notch?

Here’s how you can get Frog Light Minecraft and what you can use it for.

1. Frog Light uses in Minecraft

The Frog Light block has the similar function as Sea Lanterns and Glowstone. It can be used as a block of Light Source that emits a light level of 15.

You can even blend its textures with other blocks to create a nice contrast in a Minecraft house. As Frog Lights are great light emitters, you may also use them as lamp posts to keep monsters away at night.

Furthermore, Froglight can be attached to pistons and can transmit a redstone signal through the block. For those who have not known, Froglights come in three different colors: Purple, White, and Green.

Frog Light Minecraft
Frog light block in Minecraft was introduced in The Wild update and every fan wants to try it out for their game.

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2. How to make Frog Light Minecraft

Are Froglights hard to get? In fact, farming Froglights requires a bit of patience. The three things you will need are:

  • Frogs
  • Leads
  • Nether Portal

Follow these steps to get Frog Light blocks in the game.

#1. Finding frogs

As its name implies, a Frog Light needs a Frog to make. To find frogs in Minecraft, players have to find Swamp biomes or approach nearby bodies of water. In case you cannot find any in these locations, go underwater and look for tadpoles.

Make sure to grab yourself some frogs before trying to make some froglight blocks.

#2. Craft Frog Light blocks

Once you have grabbed a Frog, bring it close to a Magma Cube. As it eats the Magma Cube, it will produce a Frog Light. Although frogs are not too hard to find, a steady supply of Magma Cubes can be a little tricky. You will need to travel a bit as they are located in difficult areas of Minecraft.

There are 3 kinds of frog light blocks and the color of each block depends on which frog variant you will use. To get a specific color, you will need a certain frog type. In detail:

  • Ochre Froglight block = Swamp Frog (orange) + a Magma Cube.
  • Pearlescent Froglight block = Tropical Frog (white) + a Magma Cube.
  • Verdant Froglight block = Snowy Frog (green) + a Magma Cube.
Magma Cube
Place the frog near a Magma Cube to produce a frog light block.

This mechanic is the same when you want to obtain Slimeballs from some Frogs. On consuming the smallest Slime variant, the Frog will drop Slimeballs.

One nice thing about the process of getting frog light Minecraft is that your frogs will not die after they eat the Magma Cubes and produce lighting blocks. This means with one frog, you can make multiple light blocks at a time.

Frog Light Variants
There are three colors for frog light blocks in Minecraft that players can make with different frogs.

#3. Make a frog light farm

This is optional, but you can totally build a Chamber of Frogs to farm the most efficient hoard of frog lights. Moreover, put a Magma Cube Spawner in the middle. You can get a Magma Cube Spawner in Bastion Remnants in the Nether.

Another way to make a frog light farm is to create one in the Nether’s Basalt Biome. However, this sounds less effective as the chance of Magma Cubes spawning here is quite rare.

3. How do you get the frog light achievement in Minecraft?

In the game, there are three 'frog lights,' each corresponding to one of the three frog colors. To get the 'With Our Powers Combined' trophy/achievement, players must have one of each froglight in their inventory.

Acquiring all three frog lights requires players to feed each type of frog the smallest version of a magma cube, those found in the Nether. Although challenging, the following tactics are suggested:

Transporting a frog in a boat and carefully navigating through the Nether.

  • Using a lead to guide a frog through the Nether.
  • Pushing the magma cube through a portal where a frog is positioned on the other side.
  • Constructing a small room filled with frogs in the Nether and attracting magma cubes to it.
  • Players should be careful to avoid letting the froglight fall into any lava, too.

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