The cave biome in Minecraft 1.18 has many essential uses. Lush Caves and Dripstone Caves are new additions to the game in this update. Here are the best uses of Minecraft Dripstone & Lush Caves in update 1.18.

I. How To Use Dripstone Caves

Dripstone Cave biome is a dangerous location to explore in Minecraft 1.8. It has many life-threatening terrains and plenty of mobs. But it has many essential features that assist players and make the game more enjoyable and easier for them.

#1. Make traps from pointed dripstones

The pointed dripstone in Dripstone caves can be used as a trap. It helps players kill enemies and hostile mobs. It appears as stalactites or stalagmites inside these caves. You can pick up these pointed and sharp dripstone blocks and place them in any traps in the battle or around your houses to stay away from zombies and dangerous mobs.

Build Traps From Pointed Dripstones
Build traps from pointed dripstones.

#2. Make unlimited sources of water and lava

You can also use the pointed dripstone collected from Dripstone caves to make an unlimited source of lava and water. Minecraft players can use pointed dripstones in a machine with a pointed dripstone block and a cauldron under it. Then, place lava or water on the top of the dripstone block. Then, the water or lava will drip slowly to the cauldron, but it won't dry out.

Water And Lava
Create an unlimited source of water and lava.

II. How To Use Lush Caves

Apart from Dripstone Caves, Minecraft update 1.8 also introduced the new Lush Cave biome with stunning views. It's one of the most beautiful biomes to explore or live in now. Here are the best uses of this beautiful Minecraft biome in version 1.8.

#1. Build houses & settle

As introduced, Minecraft Lush Cave is one of the most stunning biomes to live in currently. It has many spacious halls and also small rooms. Use your creativity and imagination to build an enchanting room or a sparkling castle in Lush Caves. There are many cool and impressive cave structures that you can build in this unique biome. You can also build a small and cozy hut to live in when exploring the cave.

Lush Cave House
Build houses in Lush Caves.

#2. Collect decorative items

Apart from beautiful terrains, the Lush Cave biome is also a giant source of decorative items. Minecraft players can go to these caves and pick up new vegetation species like Glowberries and flowers to decorate their houses on the ground or in the Lush Cave.

#3. Catch Axolotls

Axolotls are adorable predators in this new biome. You can go to these caves and catch as many Axolotls as you want. This predator is an exclusive mob in Lush Cave in Minecraft 1.8. Minecraft Axolotls are not hostile mobs. They are pretty passive to players. You can also attach it to lead it to go around with you.

This lovely aquatic mob has many different colors, such as pink, yellow, blue, white, and brown. They spawn and live underwater in Lush Caves. So, you need to find water areas to find and catch them.

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