Food is one of the most important items when playing Minecraft survival, especially in higher difficulty. Not only they will restore your hunger but also they will give you extra health well. Players need to make sure that they have reliable food sources throughout the game before anything else.

As the game progress, players will be able to cook more types of foods with different properties and uses. It will be super helpful if they know which is the best food in Minecraft.

What is Hunger and Saturation in Minecraft?

Before jumping into this top 5 Minecraft foods ranked list, we are going to need to get a little bit of knowledge about how Hunger and Saturation work in Minecraft first.

  • Hunger: You can see your hunger bar right next to your health bar. There is a total of 20 hunger points represented by 10 drumsticks on the bar. When you only have 3 drumsticks left, you will not be able to run. When you have 0 drumsticks, you will start losing health until you only have 1 health point left (half a heart). When you have 9 drumsticks, your health regenerates.
  • Saturation: The Saturation bar is hidden. It also has 20 points. The Saturation level affects how fast your Hunger is consumed when doing different activities. When your Saturation is low, your Hunger will be consumed much faster than usual.
Minecraft Health And Hunger Bar
The Hunger bar is represented by 10 drumsticks, next to the health bar.

Both Hunger and Saturation are important aspects to consider when making food in Minecraft since all food have different Hunger and Saturation. Apart from these 2 elements, certain foods in Minecraft also provide players with additional special effects.

Best Food In Minecraft Version 1.18

Now, you have a general understanding of how the Hunger system in Minecraft works. Here is the list of the top 5 best food items in Minecraft and how to obtain them.

#5. Suspicious stew

  • Hunger: 6
  • Saturation: 7.2

Suspicious stew is a unique type of food in Minecraft. It restores six hunger points and 7.2 saturation points but that's not all. It will give players another additional effect based on the flower used to craft it. These effects include saturation, night vision, poison, wither, weakness, regeneration, jump boost, fire resistance, or blindness.

You need 1 Red Mushroom, 1 Brown Mushroom, 1 Bowl, and a flower to craft a Suspicious stew.

Make Suspicious Stew
Suspicious stew can give you an additional effect based on the flower you used.

If you use Blue Orchid or Dandelion you will get extra saturation while if you use Oxeye Daisy, you will get health regeneration. These are the two best effects of the Suspicious stew that makes it far more useful than many other foods. Is suspicious stew the best food in Minecraft though? Not quite.

#4. Golden carrot

  • Hunger: 6
  • Saturation: 14.4

Golden carrot requires a carrot and 8 gold nuggets to craft. While they only restore 6 hunger points, they can give players 14.4 Saturation points. However, the Golden carrot is quite an expensive food for regular as you need 8 gold nuggets to make one. Still, this is a favorite food for many hardcore Minecraft players, especially in Minecraft servers where resources are abundant.

Golden Carrot
Golden carrot has a great Saturation value.

#3. Porkchop

  • Hunger: 8
  • Saturation: 12.8

Porkchop is one of the staple survival food for all Minecraft players. It has great Hunger and Saturation value at 8 points and 12.8 points respectively. They are also super easy to obtain. You just have to slay a pig and cook Raw Porkchops in an oven. A pig can drop up to 4 Raw Porkchops.

Pig spawn across everywhere in the overworld in Minecraft, making them the best food in Minecraft survival for beginner players.

Pigs are a super common source of Porkchop to solve the hunger problem.

#2. Steak

  • Hunger: 8
  • Saturation: 12.8

Along with Porkchop, Steak is another common food that can easily solve the hunger problem. It has the same value as Porkchop. Cows have so many uses in Minecraft so most players will have a cow farm to get milk, leather, in addition to raw beef. Cows can be found commonly in various biomes in Minecraft.

You can kill a cow first and cook their meat or set the cow on fire directly to get steak.

Cow Minecraft
Cow are extremely common and they can give you Steak.

#1. Enchanted Golden Apple

  • Hunger: 4
  • Saturation: 9.6

The Enchanted Golden Apple is the best food in Minecraft since it can offer much more than Hunger and Saturation. It is quite a luxury food item in Minecraft. To find Enchanted Golden Apple, you need to look for chests across the world in dungeons, mineshafts, desert temples, underwater ruins, bastion remnants.

While their Hunger and Saturation value is not high at all, they give players various buffs that are super useful in PvP situations in a multiplayer server. When eaten, they give 8 hearts of absorption protection, fire resistance 1, resistance 1, and regeneration 2.

Enchanted Golden Apple
Enchanted Golden Apple is a super rare item in Minecraft and it cannot be crafted.

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