Building a Minecraft castle can be more complicated and challenging than building a house. But this guide can help you feel easier. Learn how to build a castle in Minecraft in this step-by-step instruction and show off your creativity.

I. Best Materials to Build Minecraft Castles

There are many kinds of blocks to build a Minecraft castle, depending on your architectural style and the part of the structure. For example:

  • Stone
  • Glass
  • Cobblestone
  • Terracotta
  • Obsidian
  • Wood
  • Cobbled Deepslate

Walls, slabs, and stairs are important blocks for your castle. Besides, your castle needs ornamental blocks and items, such as fences, trap doors, doors, torches, etc. If you want to build a large castle, remember to collect abundant construction blocks and prepare as many chests as possible.

Build A Castle
Build a castle in Minecraft.

II. Basic Parts of Minecraft Castles

After collecting materials and storing them in the chests, determine the location of your castle and design its structure. Minecraft architects had better define the basic parts of a castle, including:

  • Watch towers
  • Walls
  • Boundary
  • Main Castle
  • External rooms

In addition, interior and exterior spaces should be decorated with furnishing and ornamental items. Collect these materials and store them in the chest.

How To Build A Castle
Learn to build a castle in Minecraft.

III. How To Build A Castle In Minecraft

You can start building your castle in the defined areas after finishing all the preparations. These are the basic steps. Follow these easy steps to make a castle in Minecraft and add your hallmark with decoration.

1. Build four 6x6 cobblestone watch towers on four corners of the castle. Place a ladder inside each tower to climb the top of the tower.

Build The Tower
Make the multi-story towers from stone or cobblestone blocks.

2. Make boundary walls using Mossy Cobblestone, Mossy Stone, or Cobblestone blocks. You can also combine these blocks to give the wall an aesthetic look. You can build a walkway on the top of each wall to walk between

Build The Boundary Walls
Build the boundary with walkways.

3. Plate the floor with stone. Then, build 6 - 8 pillars using stone bricks inside the castle to prop the roof. You can decorate the interior with a red carpet on the floor and some lanterns or torches on the wall.

Decorate The Interior
Decorate the interior space.

4. Put oak wood blocks on the top of the ceiling and connect these pillars. Place the cobblestone roof on the top of these oak ridge poles. Leave some gaps in the ceiling and fill those gaps with glass blocks to get the natural light into the castle.

Place The Roof
Place the roof above pillars and ridge poles.

5. Finally, make rooms inside the castle and decorate the interior with furniture and ornamental items. Based on these basic steps, you can expand your castle and build a large and spectacular castle with more towers. You can reference these Minecraft castle ideas.

Make Rooms
Make rooms and decorate them with furniture.

In addition, you can decorate the exterior to make your castle look stunning. Remove some blocks on the wall to make windows and doors. Minecraft offers players lots of ornamental and furnishing items. Stay tuned for more tips and gameplay guides on

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